“Are you ready to give me what I want?”

Her voice was ragged. “Yes.”

“Good. I still don’t trust you so I’m leaving the belt on. I’m going to remove the rest of your clothes. Lie on the bed with your head by the board.”

Her legs shook but she obeyed with no delay, positioning herself on the king size bed as he requested. He took in every inch of her nakedness with appreciation. Long legged and slim, she moved as gracefully naked as clothed. Her nipples jutted out from perfectly formed, plump breasts. Smooth golden brown skin gleamed like cocoa butter. Dark pubic curls covered her inner lips, but he spotted a flush of moisture and the nub of her clit, already heavily aroused.

He walked into the bathroom to snag the plush robes hanging from the hook. He grabbed two belts and returned to the bed. With quick motions, he unhooked the leather belt and freed her hands. Before she could say anything, he pulled her arms over her head, re-attached the belt around her wrists, and secured her to the elaborately scrolled headboard.

“What are you doing?”

The sharp edge of demand tinged her voice, and admiration cut through him. She’d never bore a man—always challenging him on every decision, and he loved it. He quickly looped a cloth sash around each of her ankles and tied her to the footboard. The hotel’s rooms were well known for catering to a taste in bondage, and the choices of bedroom furniture proved an asset. “Taking away your choices.”

Her brows furrowed as she tested the hold. “No. I want to touch you also. Untie me.”

He flashed a grin at her haughty tone while she lay spread-eagle on the bed. “I won the hand so we play my way. Lay back and enjoy the ride.”

She wiggled one foot and struggled against her bonds. “I’m not one of your groupies. I have my own demands to make and never take a free ride.”

Bingo. Sloane Keller was so obviously used to calling the shots and making sure she won in bed, she forgot to surrender and receive.

His cock throbbed painfully against the fabric of his pants. She’d fight him the whole way until he gave her the first orgasm. Making a quick decision, he stripped quickly. He needed her pliant so he had the time to take her in his own way.

Her gaze hungrily roved over him, but he didn’t give her much time to look. Kneeling on the bed, he placed a hand on each of her thighs and caressed the trembling flesh.

Her breath came in huge gulps as she fought her body. “What are you doing! Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“Oh, baby, I’m not giving you a free ride. But if we’re going to go any further, I need you to listen better. So, I’m going to let you come.”

“You bastard! Don’t you dare, I refuse to come on command for you.”

He lowered until he’d settled between her legs. “Let’s see who wins this round.”

“Roman, I—oh!”

He parted her lips and touched his tongue to her throbbing clit. A rush of liquid warmth met him at her entrance, as he teased her with quick licks of his tongue that never gave her the pressure she craved. She bucked underneath him and panted. She tasted like heaven, musky and fragrant. He worked one finger into her and slid in and out, giving her a tiny taste of what his cock would do later on. Her cries became frenzied as she moved close to the edge, and with one swift movement, he pressed his tongue against her hard bud while he plunged three fingers in her channel in savage demand.

She screamed and convulsed around him. He cursed viciously under his breath at her open, naked response and kissed her, stroking her legs as she rode out her orgasm. She fell limp on the mattress, her vivid burgundy hair fanning the clean white pillows in stark contrast.

He moved up and cuddled her, massaging her arms so her muscles didn’t get sore in the bound position. He removed the sashes from her feet, but kept her hands tied. Her stubbornness still lingered, and she hadn’t surrendered completely to him yet.

But she would.

Sloane lay against his hard, muscled length and enjoyed the tender caresses on her skin while she floated back to earth. Dear God, what did he do to me? She’d never had such an intense orgasm before. In a matter of an hour, she’d been rebuked, tied up, and ordered around in a way she’d never thought possible.

And she liked it.

No, she admitted. I loved it.

A quick glimpse of his naked body showed corded arms and chest, literal six pack abs, and a huge, throbbing cock. Her mouth dried at the thought of wrapping her lips around such power. Easily over six feet, he loomed fierce and treated her as a captive from the spoils of war. He forced her to walk a fine edge of fear and lust, until she didn’t know how to react.

In all of her past relationships, she’d never been ordered around in the bedroom. Some men tried, but one strong protest and they backed off. She’d never been a non-participant in sex, yet this stranger had gotten her off in a matter of minutes and she hadn’t even laid a hand on him.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead, smoothing back her hair, and sudden tears pricked her lids. Disgusted by her weakness, she pushed the emotion back and concentrated on conversation to keep her mind strong. “Where did you come from?”

His chest rumbled with laughter. “Atlantic City. I worked as a dealer there for years, but my brother wanted me in Vegas. A job opening came up with Castillo Resorts so he finally convinced me to take it.”

“Hmm, who’s your brother?”

“Rick Steele.”

She picked her head up. “I know Rick. He’s a friend of Jackson Castillo. That’s how I found out about Madame Evangeline. I knew I’d be playing this week and Jackson gave me the contact information.”

“Hmmm, interesting. My brother set this up for me, too. What were you looking for, Sloane?”

A man to make her forget she always had to be in charge. A man to cuddle her and make her feel feminine and cared for. A man to challenge her mind and make her spirit soar. Everything a woman wanted and dreamed about and everything a woman doubted she’d ever find.

“I moved to Vegas about a year ago since most of my work took place in tournaments around the city. I have a poker tournament this week and I needed to blow off steam. I don’t usually do one-night stands, though you probably won’t believe me. But I wanted company on this tour, and I wanted to be safe. Madame Eve’s service seemed to fit the bill.”

“I do believe you.” His warm voice steadied her and she relaxed. She sensed when people told her something just to appease her, but he only spoke truth since the moment she met him. “I guess it’s hard to believe such an extraordinary woman would need an outsider to keep her company.”

She laughed. “I’m a workaholic, and I’m careful who I get involved with. I guess you could say I’m extremely picky.” She gazed into stormy eyes and looked for her own answers. “I’d say the same about you. Looks to me like you don’t need help finding company.”

His lips kicked up in a smile. “I’m picky, too. Haven’t found what I’m looking for, so my brother wanted to step in and help.”

“Help get you laid?”

He rolled to loom over her. His eyes glinted with something she couldn’t name. “Help me find the one.”

Naked want rose her throat and strangled her. She pushed it back with her usual ruthlessness and tried to seem casual. “With a talented mouth like yours, I’d say you’ll find her.”

“Yes. I think I will.”

She squirmed under the intense heat of his stare as his face changed. Sensual demand gleamed from his eyes and his mouth hardened into a thin line. “Ready for round two?”

Her heart thundered like a pack of thoroughbreds out of the gate. “I don’t think—”

“I do.” His mouth came down on hers with rough command. She fought back for a moment before giving in to the delicious feeling of being conquered and forced to release control. He nibbled at her bottom lip, her jaw, while his hands massaged her breasts and his fingers tweaked her nipples to hard points. Her clit swelled and pulsed with new demand, as if her last orgasm only made her more susceptible to every lick of his tongue and touch of his fingers.

“You taste delicious,” he growled, working his way down her body. “I want to know every pleasure point. Every weakness. Does this feel good?” He pinched her nipples. The quick pain shot straight to her pussy and juices trickled down her leg. “Tell me,” he demanded.

“Yes.” She forced the words out.

“And this?” His teeth pulled and bit her sensitive nipple. His tongue swirled as his hands massaged her ass, slipping one finger into her crack. Heat burned and licked her nerve endings at the forbidden touch, and she closed her eyes. Her muscles clenched in pleasure and the need for deeper penetration.

She groaned but he made her say the word aloud. “Yes, God, yes, more.”

He slid lower, kissing her stomach, nibbling the crease of her thigh. His fingers buried into the tangle of dark hair and exposed her inner lips to his gaze. “Do you like me looking at your pussy?” he asked. One finger slid through the wetness. “Open more for me. Wider. Yes, like that. How does that feel?”

The heat built to an excruciating agony, fogging her mind. She had no clear thought except to give him anything he wanted. “I like it. I feel exposed, but I like knowing you’re looking at me.”

“You should see how gorgeous you are. All wet and pink and swollen. Begging for just a flick of my tongue to make you come against my mouth again. Do you want to come again?”

“Oh, God, Roman.”

“Say it. Tell me what you want or I won’t give it to you.”

She plunged over the personal edge of rational thought and sanity and gave him the world. “Please put your cock in me. Please fuck me and make me come.”

She caught a flash of a wolf smile and he reared up to gaze down at her, open and exposed for his viewing pleasure. “Good girl.”

He slipped on a condom with quick motions, grasped her legs high in the air, and plunged.

She sucked in her breath at the fullness of his cock. Panic hit her full force, and she struggled to back off from the pressure of him filling her. He called her name with sharp demand, and she glanced up, panting hard, and met gray-blue eyes.

“You can take me. Give yourself a moment to relax, baby.”

She shook her head and bucked, but he held firm and her body softened. Unconsciously, she lifted up to seek more of him and he murmured in satisfaction, rubbing and plucking her breasts until she moaned for more. Slowly, he pulled out then slid back in to the hilt, setting an easy pace that only teased the fire and didn’t come close to giving her what she craved. She begged for more with her eyes, and her hips and her moans, but he gave her nothing else but the torturous slow pace that kept her mercilessly at the edge of climax and moved her no closer.

Raw frustration and temper nipped at her nerve endings. With a low curse, she sank her teeth into his shoulder since her hands were helplessly tied to the bed. He gave a low laugh which only made her angrier.

“Isn’t this what you asked me for?”

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