Greyson had been just as busy, so he hadn’t called on her except for brief times when he required her to do something for him. She saw him very infrequently despite the single wall separating them, but every time she did it was like a punch to the gut. Her core would quiver in anticipation and her breath would come short.

At the end of the day he walked past her without saying so much as a word, or even offering her a backward glance or a wave. She’d watched his retreating form, a mixture of relief and dread coursing through her, released from the burden of wondering when he would call for her today, but worried as to why he was still treating her with such indifference despite their agreement.

The next day was much the same—Greyson had six back-to-back meetings, and so Eva was spending a great deal of her time in the boardroom assisting with power point presentations, taking minutes, and such. Despite Greyson being but an arm’s length away from her, he all but ignored her as he focused his mind on business. In contrast, Eva was painfully aware of every movement he made—every quirk of an eyebrow, curve of his lips, gesture with his hands. Never had he seemed more attractive, more virile, more sexually charged to her as he did now. And yet she felt as though she were as significant as a fly on a wall.

By the time Wednesday came around, she could no longer stand it—the anticipation was killing her. When noon came around and the office closed for lunch, she made up her mind and marched into his office rather than out the door to enjoy the food she’d packed.

She knocked briefly, then pushed open the door to find him on the phone. He gestured briefly to her and she came all the way in, then sank into a chair as she watched him. One of his ankles was crossed over his knee as he waved his hand in the air impatiently, and she couldn’t help but notice how the position showed off powerful thigh muscles. Her eyes moved to his crotch despite herself, and she stared for a long moment as if she could develop x-ray vision and see through the cloth to what lay beneath.

She felt a tingle along her forehead, and her eyes snapped up to see his grey ones watching her with amusement. Her cheeks flushed, and she snapped her head to the side, resolutely fixing her gaze toward the curved wall of windows, and the city beyond.

A minute later, he finished the call and hung up the phone. She swung back to find him pinning her with a look of such intense lust it knocked the breath from her lungs. It took her a moment to remember to breathe.

“Did you need something of me, Eva?” he asked politely.

Eva swallowed. “I… I was wondering… if you were ever going to call for me.”

One of Greyson’s eyebrows rose. “Call for you?”

She fidgeted in her chair, but refused to back down from his gaze.

“Yes. Since you’ve now declared me to be your pleasure slave.” The words came out hard, and she realized she was angry at him for dangling her on a string this way. “You said you would call on me, but you haven’t even though it’s been two days. I was wondering if perhaps you’d decided to back down.”

The other eyebrow rose as well this time. “Well, well, well. It looks like your claws are coming out after all.” He rose from his chair and circled round the desk. Eva tried to rise as well, but he rested his arms on either side of her chair, preventing her from moving. “I apologize if you think I’ve been neglecting you, Eva.” He stroked a finger along the underside of her jaw. “I assure you it was not my intention at all.”

Greyson smiled at the fire in her eyes that belied her trembling body. He knew very well why he had made her wait—not because they had been so busy but because he had wanted to torture them both with anticipation. During his nights at home, endless scenarios had marched through his head—the things he wanted to do to her, with her, haunting him so that it was all he could do not to go to her apartment and drag her out of bed by the hair. Or, perhaps, simply join her in the bed. He wondered what kind of bed she had. Would it be large enough to fit them both?

“That wasn’t what I meant,” Eva protested. “I don’t care if you change your mind. I just wanted to make sure.” She licked her lips.

Greyson smirked. “You know that’s not the truth. You came back here because you couldn’t stand waiting for me any longer. I promised you pleasure, and you want to collect.”

“That’s not—”

“True?” He placed a hand over her heart, gently cupping her breast. “Maybe not in your head, but most definitely in your heart. If that weren’t the case, then why do I feel it pounding so hard against my hand? Why are your cheeks flushed? Your nipples hard?” He slid a thumb over the peak protruding through the purple cloth of her dress, smiled at her sharply indrawn breath. “You want me. I would even bet that your panties are wet right now.”

“I—” she clamped her legs together instinctively and then seemed to realize that by doing so she might as well have shouted that she he was right. “This is ridiculous. If you want me to do something for you, just tell me so we can get it over with already.”

“That isn’t how this works, Eva.” His hand slid up her right thigh, turning her legs to jelly so that he had no trouble nudging them apart. “I’m not going to allow you to deny your desires. I know you want me. And I’m going to make you admit it.”

Breathless, she watched as he nudged her legs further apart and slid his hand along the outside of her panties. He came away with glistening fingers. “Well? What do you have to say about that?”

Before she could reply, he pushed her skirt up, then yanked her panties off. The lacy material caught on the edge of one of her heels, she winced as it ripped. He tossed it aside with a shrug, then hooked each of her legs around the arms of her chair, spreading her wide.

“So pretty,” he said, stroking a finger down her cleft. “Pink and glistening, like a jewel.” His fingers found her clit and began stroking it. Eva struggled to hold back her moan of pleasure.

“There’s no need to fight it,” he assured her in a soft voice as he stroked her faster. “The more you fight it, the more you’re denying yourself release.” He slid two fingers inside her with his other hand. “Admit it. You want me.”

“No.” She meant for the word to sound firm, but it came out as a breathy moan as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. Whether she wanted it or not, the pleasure was building quickly. She pushed her hips against his hand, and instantly he stopped, leaving her aching.

“Your body doesn’t agree with your words.”

“Please,” she begged, straining, but he was gripping her hips with one hand, the other teasing her folds gently, enough to increase the ache without offering anything more than a hint of release. “Stop this torture.”

“Do you want me?” He thrust a finger in her suddenly and she arched her back, moaning.

“I—” the words stuck in her throat. She knew she did, but she felt as though admitting it would mean defeat. There was a battle of wills being waged here, and if she gave in she would lose. Unfortunately she was having an awful lot of trouble remembering why losing would be so bad.

“Tell me. You know it’s true.” He pinched her clit hard enough that there was equal parts pain and pleasure. “You can end it with a few simple words. Do you want me?”

“Yes,” she finally sobbed, giving in. “Yes, I want you. Now please, finish it!”

He grinned wickedly. “But of course.”

Leaning down, he stroked his tongue down her folds as he shoved his fingers into her. She would have screamed had he not clamped a hand over her mouth. This time he allowed her to push her hips against his mouth as he fucked her with his tongue and fingers, pumping three, four into her as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Now that she was no longer fighting it, the pleasure built with terrifying speed until it was released with the force of a tidal wave, ripping through her. His hand over her mouth kept her from letting the entire building know just how awesome, how terrible, how delicious it felt. She’d never had an orgasm like that before in her life.

Once she’d stopped trembling, he pulled back and looked up at her. Eva realized he had gone to his knees, and felt a certain amount of pride in that. He, Greyson Stone, CEO of Creative Enterprises and her boss, nonetheless, had knelt on the hard floor in his ten-thousand dollar suit and pleasured her until she’d seen stars

“There now.” He sat back on his haunches for a moment before rising up to his full height. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”

Towering over her once more, Eva suddenly felt terribly embarrassed in her position, with her legs thrown over the arms of her chair and her dress rucked up. Hastily, she lowered her feet back to the ground and pulled her dress down tight over her body.

“No. It wasn’t.” She frowned as she smoothed some lingering wrinkles down over her ample hips, wondering why he would want her. She was no skinny model. Rather than asking, her eyes drifted to his tented crotch. “Though I don’t see why you didn’t take any pleasure yourself.”

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