A spark lit his eyes as he grinned at her. “Do you really mean that?”

She nodded. “I’ve come to see the man beneath the suit. I don’t know everything about him, but I know the way he makes me feel when he talked to me, how he ignites a fire in my body every time he touches me.

Standing, she came around the table and leaned down. “I know I have feelings for you, and that someday they might grow into love. I’d like to stick around, and find out.” She gave him a long, sweet kiss, and smiled when his arms came around to clutch her to him. His arms were warm and strong around her, his lips tender.

“You can stay as long as you want,” he finally told her, dropping a kiss onto her nose. “Who knows. Maybe I’ll even let you stay forever.”

She grinned. “So glad to hear it. Now take me to bed already. I’m tired of waiting.”

With a laugh, he scooped her up and carried her inside.

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