Olivia complied with his command and felt a soft fabric being wrapped around her wrists before he fastened whatever he was using to restrain her to the headboard of the bed. Alexander checked her restraints and was pleased with their security. He then grabbed a blindfold and placed it over her eyes.

“You can open your eyes now,” he said.

Olivia obeyed. “But I can’t see anything,” she protested.

“That’s the point.” She could hear the humor in his voice.

Olivia felt Alexander’s breath lower from her neck down her body as his mouth hovered over one of her breasts. She moaned out in anticipation and tried to move her arms to touch Alexander.

“Fuck,” she said. “This isn’t fair.”

“I know. I can be such a tease, can’t I?” he asked, inches from her chest. He gently blew on her nipple, causing it to become erect.

Olivia wiggled underneath him, the darkness heightening the rest of her senses. “Hold still, Olivia,” he said fervently. She immediately obeyed.

Alexander returned his attention to Olivia’s breast, pulling her nipple into his mouth and sucking ever so gently. Olivia whimpered and raised her hips, desperately wanting him inside of her.

“What did I just say, Olivia?” Alexander demanded.

“Sorry,” she replied meekly, lowering her hips back to the bed.

“Sorry, what?”

“Sorry, Mr. Burnham,” Olivia choked out.

“One more move and I won’t let you come. Do you understand, Olivia?”

“Yes. I understand,” she said quietly. She loved when he was in total control of her body. It was as if he knew what she needed more than she did.

Alexander continued to kiss Olivia’s body, trailing kisses down her stomach, gently circling her belly button with his tongue. He placed his hand between her legs and pushed them wide apart as he lowered his mouth to her sex.

“Mmmm… You smell amazing, Olivia.” She could feel his breath on her clit. It drove her crazy. “I can see how wet you are for me.” Olivia moaned out at the first stroke of Alexander’s tongue, the surprise of his touch causing her to buck her hips.

“What did I say? Didn’t I warn you about what would happen if you didn’t lay still?” Alexander scolded, his breath still hot on her.

“Yes. You did.”

He drove his fingers deep inside of her as he continued to tease her with his tongue.

“Fuck,” Olivia screamed out, the sensation of Alexander’s touch overwhelming her. She didn’t know how long she would last.

“And what did I say your punishment would be, Olivia?”

She licked her lips. “That I couldn’t come,” she whimpered.

“Yes, Olivia,” Alexander said, his fingers still teasing her insides. “This must be torture, then.”

Olivia nodded her head fervently. Alexander removed his fingers and she scowled, wanting him inside of her.

She felt Alexander lean down over her. “This is for me, not for you,” he whispered into her ear. He immediately pushed into her. Olivia let out a loud gasp, surprised at the sudden invasion. He thrust mercilessly into her again and again, pulling out when he felt her tighten around him.

“What did I say, Olivia? No coming for you,” he panted, looking down at her, her desire apparent from her heavy breathing.

He thrust into her again and she moaned loudly, setting Alexander off. He came inside her after only a few more thrusts. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed, collapsing on top of her. He quickly unfastened Olivia’s restraints and took off her eye mask.

“I like you all tied up,” Alexander joked, kissing Olivia fully on the mouth. “And don’t worry, Love. I plan on giving you more orgasms later on than your little body can handle.”

Alexander got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Olivia rolled over, feeling remarkably satisfied for some reason. She drifted off, warm and comfortable in Alexander’s bed.

“Olivia, Love,” Alexander said, waking Olivia up after his shower. She opened her eyes and saw him standing over her dressed in his suit, apparently ready for the office. She wondered how long she had fallen back asleep for.

“Hey,” Olivia said sleepily.

“Hey,” Alexander said, sitting down on the bed next to her and brushing her hair away with his hand. “I need to get to the office. Stay as long as you need to. Runner has already been out this morning. I’ll miss you, Love.” He leaned down and planted a kiss on Olivia’s mouth.

“Come to my place tonight? Stay over?” Olivia lifted her eyebrows, giving him a sweet smile.

“I have a meeting, and then I promised my brother I’d go for a drink.”

“After that?”

Alexander looked down at Olivia. “Okay. I can’t say no to you.” He kissed her one more time before he turned to leave the bedroom. When he reached the doorway, he turned back around. “Oh, and Olivia?”

She glanced up to see a devilish grin on his face.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself today. I want your orgasm and I plan on getting it later.” He spun around, leaving her completely speechless.



OLIVIA returned to her house after her morning appointment with Dr. Greenstein and sat to eat a light lunch before heading to the gym for her work out. She made a salad and sat in the little reading nook by her big bay windows as she ate. Her eyes focused on a black sedan parked across the street, a block away from her house, the occupant clearly watching her. She thought it was strange but shrugged it off, not wanting her paranoia to get the best of her.

She quickly finished her lunch, grabbed her gym bag, and headed out the door. It was a sunny autumn day in Boston so she decided to walk and enjoy the brisk fall weather, the smell of burning leaves permeating the air. On her way to the gym, she just couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following her. But every time she turned around, all she saw were hoards of locals and tourists, shopping and going about their errands on the streets of Boston.

Within twenty minutes, she arrived at her building, thankful to get off the street. She wondered why, all of a sudden, she felt like she was being followed. After she swiped her key card and walked through the turnstiles, she turned around and looked through the floor-to-ceiling windows out onto State Street. She noticed a short man stop on the street and peer inside, searching for something, until his expression settled on Olivia. His eyes locked on her, a snide smile creeping across his face. She was unable to break her own gaze from his, even though her brain told her to turn and run.

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