Our unmistakable bond and love was forever…

My heart stopped beating

Six weeks later…

“Are you quite ready to leave, love?” Lucy peaked through the small crack on the door.

“Yes, give me a minute, and then I’ll be right out!” I shot back.

I had barely just moved in a few days ago when I met her through a party and we’d hit it off almost immediately, so, when she mentioned she needed a roommate, I jumped on the chance.

Student housing was great, but I needed more space and privacy. This apartment was utterly perfect!

We were about to head out to Toby’s (who I met once)—party in Knightsbridge. Toby and Lucy were dating and madly in love at that!

The winter in London was brutal—compared to LA, of course—so I opted to wear black. I wore black jeans, boots, and cashmere sweater and did my make-up in the same shade.

When we finally managed to get out of our apartment building in Covent Garden, Luce instantly hailed a cab. I decided to text Kyle during the ride.

Me: Baby, how’s your day going? Your dad’s not giving you a tough time, I hope? Can’t stop thinking about you :) Miss your kisses!

When my phone beeped almost immediately, I rushed to open it. I have missed Kyle. I even cried once because I missed him like crazy, but I was determined to stay here. I needed to stay here and be on my own.

Kyle: I can’t stop thinking about you either, Si. Trust me when I tell you that you’re the first thing that enters my head when I wake up in the morning (you and your irresistible body). I feel so lost without you with me. I love you. What have you been up to?

His message made me smile like an idiot. I better be the first thing he thinks about in the morning! If he jacks off thinking about another woman, I will kick his balls!

Me: On my way to Toby’s house party (Lucy’s Man). I love you, Kyle Matthews!

Kyle: If any man approaches you, tell him that you’re taken, ‘kay? The thought of you talking to other guys and flirting makes me ill. Fuck! I hate this! Come back to me.

Now, he’s just overreacting. Me? Flirt? Right, so not funny.

Me: I am yours… now, I have to go. We’re here. Tell your parents that I said hi!

When we got to Toby’s apartment, he was all smiles. I supposed he was drunk already because his cheeks were flushed and his blue eyes were all on Lucy. He’s so in love with her! I grinned when I looked at them. They honestly reminded me of Kyle and me.

Lucy introduced me to a lot of people that they went to school with and they were all nice, welcoming me to London. A few men even offered to take me around and show me the real city, but I graciously declined. When they asked if I was in a relationship, I didn’t even hesitate to tell them that yes, I am and quite happy too.

Lucy and I were getting more wine when I first noticed a man watching me with such scary intensity. When our gazes clashed across the room, I kid you not, I felt the whole apartment shrink and it was only him I saw. Those eyes held me in such a trance I felt dizzy. My body became alert like it had been called by its owner. My senses were heightened and my entire body prickled. Even from a distance, I knew his eyes were unique. He was tall, broad, but even with his gray cashmere sweater, his muscles were evident.

Good God! I had never seen such male perfection. He simply took my breath away… in a heartbeat… merely with a searing, burning look.

I heard Lucy clear her throat beside me. “That’s Blake Knightly, Toby’s best friend. Fascinating specimen, is he not? Women chase him for his looks alone. Sprinkle in a dash of the multi-billion dollar empire of his grandfather’s that he will soon inherit and women flock, dying to get his attention.”

So, this Blake Knightly, who was still staring at me unnervingly, was the epitome of perfection with a blockade of women about. Got it.

“And he can’t seem to stop staring at you, love. He must want you! Good luck saying no to that man.” Lucy throatily laughed while her words sunk in.

“I’m with Kyle. Hot, rich men will not change my mind.” Lucy beamed at me.

Even if the temptation looked like a f**king force to be reckoned with. Even if one searing look alone was enough to make me incoherent. Even if he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

“Let’s hope so because I have known these guys for a while. I’ve known them before I even started dating Toby and, let me tell you, that if Blake wants something, he will never stop until he gets it.” I just nodded before I took a long sip of my wine.

When I glanced back at him, I saw Toby talking to him in a hushed manner. His beautiful face frowned while Toby held his attention. I watched as his frown turned into a scowl before he lifted his eyes and they clashed with mine again. My heart pounded and galloped like no other.

God, why did he affect me so much? I’d never even met him.

When I saw Toby and Blake Knightly crossing the room, heading towards us, my heart literally stopped beating. I had to put my glass down on the counter because I didn’t trust myself holding on to the thin stem without my hand shaking or having it spill on the floor.

“Sienna Richards, meet Blake Knightly, a dear friend of mine,” Toby said before he went over to Lucy and pulled her aside, making out like crazy. I watched as he dragged her into another room.

I was left to my own devices, alone with this man who was staring at me, confused and at the same time awed. To say that I was disconcerted was an understatement.

I was mystified.

I couldn’t even look at him directly, so it was almost a surprise when he spoke, “Enjoying your time in London so far, Sienna?”

Fuck. What the hell? That voice. I think I just creamed in my underwear.

“London’s great. I really like it here.” And I did. It was the total opposite of LA. I loved the arts and the chaotic craziness of the city itself.

Still his eyes penetrated, I was hesitant to gaze back at him… especially this close to him. His next question took me aback.

“How come your boyfriend let you study in a different country? I found that a tad baffling.” That question did it. Why would Toby tell him that I was with someone? Why would they even talk about me to begin with? That’s just weird.

I was about to answer him when our eyes clashed again for the third time.

Wrong move.

I sucked in my breath as we stared at each other. Waves of electricity ran through my body. Midnight blue, rimmed with silver with gold bursts met me.


Holy, shitcakes.

Those eyes… I was captivated and I simply lost any thoughts as I swam in those mesmerizing pools of beauty.

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