“Oh my God,” she moaned.

Heather’s round, perfect little ass was up in the air, her swollen pussy peeking out the bottom, inviting me in. And I RSVP’d in a big fucking way. I didn’t even check to see if she was wet enough for me. I knew that she was.

She gasped as I roughly pushed myself inside her. I was barely five pumps in when I could tell that Crystal was about to come. Clearly Heather knew what the hell she was doing. Crystal’s chest rose up and down quickly, panting as she shoved her hands into Heather’s dark hair and squeezed.

“Heather! Yes!” she yelled out, squeezing her eyes tight. “Fuck! Yes!”

The squeals coming out of Crystal’s pouty little mouth made my balls tighten as I fucked Heather faster, my fingers digging into her hips as I pulled her hard against me. Just as Crystal came down from her high, Heather laid her head on Crystal’s thigh and started her own. She shoved her hand in between her legs and rubbed circles around her clit as I drove into her over and over and over again.

She started to cry out, teetering on the brink as Crystal encouraged both of us. “Fuck her, Viper. Harder. Faster. She’s right there…”

So was I.

Heather’s hand shot out and squeezed the sheets into a ball as she came hard, her groans filling the room as I squeezed her ass and filled the condom.

“IT’S NOT SO much the release itself that’s euphoric, but the build-up. Don’t you agree?” Crystal said to Heather.

I rolled my eyes and clicked the remote again, trying to drown her out with sports. Any kind of sports. At that point, I’d have watched badminton.

“Don’t you agree?”

“Oh, absolutely.” Heather nodded. “I mean, sex is such an intimate encounter between two people, and when one of those people can heighten your senses like that and take you to that special place…” She threw her head back and exhaled loudly.

Jesus. My hand takes me to that special place all the fucking time. Relax.

“Exactly,” Crystal agreed. “And I’m thinking”—she slowly crept across the couch and straddled me—“maybe I help you find that special place again right now. What do you say?” She leaned in and started kissing my neck, but all I could think was it’d been an hour since we fucked. How the hell was I gonna get them out of my house? My phone buzzed. She didn’t stop kissing as I leaned over and started reading the text from Darla.

D: Hey, shithead. I got off work early. Wanna buy me dinner?


Absolutely. Meet you at Stumpy’s in 45?

D: Perfect! I’m bringing Kacie and Brody with me. Why don’t you grab Mike and Michelle?

I shot Big Mike a quick text to see if he could grab a sitter and then it was time to start acting.

“Oh no!” I sat up straight, gently nudging her off of my lap. “It’s my grandma; she’s not feeling well. I gotta go!”

Crystal’s hand flew up over her mouth and Heather’s eyes grew huge as I hurried into my bedroom.

“Is she okay? Do you want me to go with you?” Heather called from the living room.

“No, that’s okay,” I hollered back. “I don’t know how long I’ll be, and I’m sure you guys have to get home to… things.”

“Okay.” Heather sounded sad.

“Why don’t you write your numbers down and leave them on the counter?”

“Okay, we will!” Crystal chimed excitedly. “Are you almost ready? We wanna say good-bye.”

I laid my forehead against the back of the bedroom door and groaned. I hated this part, the promise-to-call-them-even-though-I-know-I-never-will part. It’s not that I felt bad about the lying; that was part of life. It was faking that I was sad to see them go.

I walked into the kitchen and Crystal was leaning against the kitchen table with her arms folded across her chest, sticking her bottom lip out.

“Don’t be sad.” I tried not to sound annoyed. “Things happen. We’ll do this again.”


“I know, we just had so much fun,” she pouted. It only made me more anxious to get her out of my damn house.

Crystal reached up to kiss me and suddenly I remembered why I’d brought her home in the first place. That girl had a mouth capable of working magic, whether it was on my tongue or my cock.

“Wait, you don’t have a car here!” I exclaimed, using that as an excuse to pull back from her.

She wiped her lips with the back of her hand and shook her head.

“Here.” I walked over to the hockey puck-shaped cookie jar on my counter and pulled out two twenty-dollar bills. “Let me pay for a cab for you guys.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Heather held her hands up as I walked toward them with the money.

“No, I want to. It’s the least I can do for having to leave so suddenly. Please.”

“Thank you so much, Viper. It’s sweet of you to do that for us. You’re so considerate.” Crystal threw her arms around my neck, and as I hugged her back, I peeked at that cookie jar, which held stacks of twenty-dollar bills exactly for this occasion, and smiled to myself.

Once they closed the front door, I turned back to the counter and picked up the piece of paper they’d left. The bottom of the paper glistened with two lip prints from where they’d each kissed it.

Cute, but no thanks.

I opened a drawer and tossed the piece of paper inside with all the others. Some men had notches in their headboards. I had a drawer full of numbers that I’d never call.

A LITTLE BIT later, I’d just finished getting ready when my phone buzzed. It was Big Mike telling me they were outside.

“That was fast,” I said, climbing into the backseat of his Tahoe. “Hi, Michelle.”

“Hey, Viper.” She looked back and smiled at me.

“I know. We’re never lucky enough to find a sitter on such short notice, but my sister’s in town and staying with us, so she said to go,” Mike answered as he pulled out into traffic.


“Yes, Taylor.”

Big Mike had one younger sister and she had been the reason for me making a deposit at the spank bank more than once. She had long blond hair and even longer legs that I dreamed about having wrapped around my waist while I fucked her against a wall.

“Stop it,” Mike snapped playfully.

“Stop what?” I shot back.

“Thinking about her. I can feel it.” He glared at me in the rearview mirror. “She’s my sister, which makes her absolutely, one-hundred and fifty percent off-limits.”

Michelle smiled and shook her head as I let out a guilty laugh. “Ah, Mikey, my boy, you know me so well.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He rolled his eyes.

We drove for a little bit before pulling off the highway into the parking lot of the run-down, hole-in-the-wall bar that had quickly become our new favorite place. Brody had found Stumpy’s on accident after taking a wrong turn one night.

Go figure.

Way back when he and Kacie were still dating and he’d been driving there to see her all the time, he’d been on his way home and had to piss. The first parking lot he’d found was Stumpy’s. It just so happened to be almost exactly halfway between the city and Brody’s new house, so it was the perfect meeting spot for all of us.

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