We should stop kissing, I think, even as I’m turning in his lap trying to take more of his tongue, trying to inhale his aftershave and whiskey scent. His thumb is strumming my nipple, squeezing it between his knuckles and yes, I’m a virgin, but I know my body is demanding fulfillment in the form of rough, sweaty sex with this man. My thighs tremble, the flesh at their apex cries over being empty.

I’m in so much trouble here.

I must have said that out loud, because Walker’s mouth pauses in the act of sucking on my neck. “You and me both, gorgeous.” His eyes snap with intensity. “The best kind of trouble.”

My heart rollicks with excitement over his possessiveness and that—that is scary. What is wrong with me? “As soon as I get some rest and my head on straight, I’m taking off.”

Danger sharpens his handsome features. “You’re not going anywhere. Don’t test me, Meadow.”

“You can’t just keep a human being,” I breathe. “They have to agree to it.”

His hand grips me between the legs. Tight. And I cry out.

“Should we ask your cunt if she wants to be kept?” Walker rasps.


“You agreed to being kept when you let me eat it, gorgeous. You know why? Because it tasted like the rest of my life. You knew it would, too. When you spread your legs and welcomed my mouth, you knew I’d never let you and your ripe little pussy go. You knew I was your man or you’d have kept your pants on.”

His crude, presumptuous speech penetrates my fog and I finally start to struggle. Before I can propel myself out of one of the doors, though, I’m flat on my back on the leather seat with Walker pinning me down.

“Get off me. I’m leaving!”

“Don’t make me pop your cherry in this backseat to prove you wrong, Meadow. I want it done in my bed where I can make you comfortable afterward.” He lays a lingering kiss on my mouth and rolls his hips between my thighs once, just once, but lightning cracks in my belly and I whimper. “Yeah, that’s right. You’ll stay for this cock. And eventually you’ll give me everything else. Your heart. Your thoughts. Your love. Already, you have mine, Meadow. I love you.”

Pressure builds in my chest and behind my eyes.

I try to look away but he won’t let me, his hand grasping my chin.

“I love you,” he says again, his jaw popping. “In a way that borders on insane. Insane. And you will not leave. Are we clear?”

I nod. I can’t do anything else. My mind and maybe even my heart are in control. How did this happen so fast? How did he get to me this way? I’ve been kidnapped, but that fact seems to blur with every passing second.

“You know how I like you to answer me,” he murmurs, his tongue dipping into the hollow of my neck. “Are we clear, Meadow?”

Heat spreads in my belly. “Yes, my king.”

Walker presses his face between my breasts and groans, before sitting up, bringing me with him. He starts to fix my smeared makeup with his thumb, but apparently decides to leave me messy, because he nods and pushes open the door. Then he reaches in and scoops me off the seat, cradling me to his chest. My vanity wants me to bury my face in Walker’s chest to avoid the scrutiny of the dozen or so suited men who line the circular driveway in front of house, but I lift my chin instead and look bored.

A rumbling laugh builds in Walker’s chest as he regards my face.

“This is your queen.” His voice cracks like a whip with that statement to his men. “You protect her with your lives. You speak to her and of her with respect. And you don’t. Fucking. Touch. What’s mine. Not even for a handshake. Or you’ll pay with your life.” He makes eye contact with each and every one of them. “Are we understood?”

“Yes, boss,” they respond as one, as if their lives being threatened is totally normal. They don’t even bat an eyelash as they offer congratulations.

I’m not turned on.

I’m not turned on.


Not turned on?

I barely have a chance to study Walker’s mansion on the bay, before a maid opens the front door and we sweep inside. “What do you want to eat, gorgeous?”

“Cheese toast.”

He hits me with an amused smile and my heart flutters. “Cheese toast?”

I purse my lips. “It’s a basic staple.”

Walker shakes his head and continues carrying me toward the back of the house. “You could ask me for a steak or an ice-cream sundae and you go with toast.”

“I’m a simple girl.”

“Ain’t nothing simple about you,” he breathes in my ear.

“You don’t seem to mind, seeing as you’ve kidnapped me.”

He doesn’t even bother denying it! Who is this shameless man who is inconveniently mesmerizing me? “Breaking the law is a favorite pastime of mine.” His tongue tickles my earlobe. “My illegally gotten gains have never been more worthwhile, though.”

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