“For me, it’s similar. Both require me to let go.”

“I’ll make it worth your while.”

I shrug off my shirt and her lips part on a breath, her attention skipping from my neck down to my belt buckle. “Like what you see, gorgeous?”

“Yes,” she breathes, leaning in to kiss my shoulder. “So much strength. You’re even sexier than I expected, although I thought you’d have a bunch of tattoos.”

I shudder. “Lying down in a chair while some guy uses a needle on me?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. It makes you vulnerable.” She trails her lips up my neck and whispers in my ear. “You’re doing great so far. Pants next.”

I lift my hips to show her how hard she’s making me already. “If I’m getting naked, gorgeous, so are you.”

She moans. “Deal.”

“Really?” Our fingers bump in our mutual efforts to remove my belt. “I expected you to fight me on that.”

Her breath catches, lower lip trembling. “I don’t want to fight with you right now. I was so worried you’d been hurt—”

“Shhh.” I snare her mouth in a soft kiss. “Nothing and no one is going to keep me from you, Meadow.”

Her nod is brave. She slides off my lap, taking my belt with her and dropping it on the ground. Her teeth sink into her bottom lip and she strips off her shirt, leaving her in nothing but those little peach panties. It’s good timing to take off my pants, because my cock is fighting for breath at the picture she makes, all golden with her sweet tits and low rider underwear. Swear to God, I can see the shadow of her pussy slit through those things and I’m not—I am not going another hour of my life without getting my dick inside my girl.

“Panties, too,” I grit out. “Nothing between us.”

“Nothing between us,” she whispers back, emotion thickening her voice and making me ache all the more. Not only below the waist but in the center of my chest. She peels down her panties and the light of the sunset catches the glisten on her flesh, making her cunt glow, like God sent me down an angel and He wants me to know she’s ready for cock.

I make the sign of the cross and stand, enjoying the way she has to tip her head back to look at me, both of us breathing heavily while I shuck my pants and briefs, kicking them aside. “How do you want me?” I ask, running my hands along the curves of her hips and back to her bare butt, squeezing.

Meadow’s eyelids flutter down, her body swaying toward mine. “Face down, please.”

“Funny, that’s how I want you, too.”

A touch of her vulnerability makes an appearance. “The first time?”

“Naw, baby. The first time I want your eyes on me.” I trail my middle finger over her asshole and jiggle it, watching as awareness and shock and excitement clash in her expression. Listening to her adorable mewl of surrender. “Yeah. I need to watch what happens on your beautiful face when I sink a finger in right here and ride that pussy. The deeper this finger gets, the harder I’m going to fuck.” I move my hand lower and deliver a stinging slap to her cunt. “You ready for that, gorgeous?”

As expected, my challenge makes her eyes flash, but her bravado wavers when she glances down and sees my cock for the first time. All ten meaty inches of the aching motherfucker. “I-I…yes,” she stammers beautifully. “I think so.”

My dick is begging me to push Meadow onto the bed and ram right through her virginity, but I want her ready. I’ve never been with a virgin and I don’t know shit about how to be someone’s first time, but she’ll need to be drenched to take me. So instead of following my animal urges, I wink at her on my way to lie down on the bed. “Let’s see what you got, gorgeous.”

My pulse races as I arrange myself face down on the bed, gritting my teeth when I have to arrange my erection in a way that doesn’t hurt. I curl a fist into the soft bedding and breathe through my nose, painfully aware that I have no weapon, no clothes, no nothing. I’m exposed and—

Meadow runs oily palms up my back and my worries scatter.

“Jesus Christ,” I groan. And then again when her thumbs find the base of my spine and dig in. “Jesus. Christ.”

She giggles. “Told you.”

“Where’d you get the oil?”

“It was in my medicine cabinet. You packed it.”

“Wise of me.”

She laughs again and I relax more at the proof of her happiness. Not to mention the way she seems to single out the exact places on my back where I carry tension and attack them with sensual grinds of her elbow and sweeps of her thumbs. It’s a brand of bliss I’ve never experienced. It’s being cared for. It’s the state of true relaxation. Mostly. My cock could break a fucking window, it’s so jacked up. I’ll never not be hard when Meadow’s hands are on me. God, she is good at this. Amazing, actually.

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