A hint of guilt creeps into my belly at the remembrance that I got her fired today, but I cast aside the feeling. It takes an effort, but I appease the guilt by reminding myself she was in danger working for that lecher. Besides, she doesn’t need to work anymore. I’ll never let her want for a goddamn thing.

Her hands glide down to my ass and I can tell she applied more oil, but she did it without stopping the massage. Crazy. My future wife is phenomenal—

“Ohhh my God,” I growl into the mattress when she digs into my butt muscles. “Fuck, baby. Is that supposed to feel so good?”

“Yes.” I can hear the smile in her voice, but there’s also a fine edge of lust that sends a zing to my balls. “I don’t usually get this handsy. There’s usually a sheet covering my clients from the waist down.”

“You giving me special treatment, gorgeous?”


I turn over on the bed and take hold of my cock, watching her flush as I stroke it slowly. “Climb up here, Meadow.”

Her eyes are wide on my erection. “The massage isn’t over.”

“Did I say it was?”

After a small hesitation, she gets onto the bed and straddles my thighs, seeming to hold her breath for my next command.

“Pick up the oil. Rub it all over your tits.”

Her nipples pebble before she even applies the oil, but when she does… Good fucking God. I’ve never needed so badly in my life as when Meadow massages oil on to her little tits, making them shiny, her mouth open on a silent moan. “Like this?”

“Yes. Good girl. Now use them to massage my front. All over.”

Her thighs tremble against the outsides of mine and I can see how turned on she is. How hot it makes her to be ordered around, despite her fierce independent streak outside the bedroom. I see you, baby. I know your fucking flavor.

I’ll be savoring it until I die.

Meadow falls forward onto my chest, her hands braced on either side of my head, and drags her perfect tits through my chest hair, our nipples meeting, eliciting groans from us both and a jolt to my loins. She starts out kind of shyly, but soon she’s sliding up and down through the slickness on our fronts, her breasts leaving fire everywhere they touch. My stomach, my pecs…and then she slowly, slowly strokes my cock up and back with her pressed together tits.

“Goddamn,” I grit out at the ceiling, unable to keep my hips from shooting up, from fucking that little slide between her pert globes. “Meadow, you’re killing me, baby. I need inside you. I need to fuck my girl.”

Her slippery body travels up mine and I’m transfixed by her beauty and the playful but heated smile decorating her mouth. “There you go again,” she whispers against my lips. “Expecting special treatment.”

“I couldn’t have expected you in a million years.” It takes every ounce of my willpower not to roll her over and fuck her until neither one of us can move. Almost there. Make it right for her. Without taking my eyes off her—couldn’t if I tried—I find the massage oil on the bed, squirt some into my palm and bring it to her cunt, smoothing the liquid everywhere, over and between her pink lips, onto the insides of her thighs. “Now massage my cock with your pussy, Meadow.”

Her breathing falters and she drops her face to the center of my chest, her husky moan buzzing through me. I tangle my fingers in her hair, bringing her face to mine for a filthy kiss. Our tongues are insatiable, our lips writhing and slanting, though I have to break away when she reaches back and grips my cock, guiding it to her virgin hole, letting it rest there for a second while we both breathe into each other’s mouths. Then she works me inside with a shimmy of her hips, leaving herself poised right on the tip. While I battle the need to pump myself home, she braces her hands on my shoulders, bites her lip and takes me inside of her oiled up pussy, inch by painstaking inch.

She’s only taken about half of me when she ceases her progress with a sob. “Walker. It’s so big.”

“I know, baby. Shhh. Come here.” I pull her mouth down for another kiss, then tuck her face into the crook of my neck to muffle her inevitable scream. No help for what comes next. I’m at the point of no return. My blood is a lake of fire and I’m already on the verge of ejaculating, she’s so tight. Fuck, fuck, fuck. “It’s only going to hurt for a second, Meadow, baby. I love you. Just hang onto me.”

As soon as she nods, I lift my hips and impale her from below, her wet little fuck hole sliding down, down—sending me through the thin barrier of her hymen—before she settles on my lap, the sound of her muffled scream already beginning to fade. Thank God. Hurting her is repellant to me. I only want her to feel pleasure, every day, for the rest of her life. Starting now.

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