“Meadow, look at me.” She follows my instructions with a whimper, her thighs trembling around my hips. “You feel like heaven. Heaven. Just look at me and trust me to take care of you, okay?” I say roughly through my teeth, my arousal at the fever pitch. “Can you do that? Can you let me take care of the girl I love?”

She nods and tests our connection with her hips, her mouth falling open. “Walker. My king,” she moans. “I can feel all of you.”

The blinding need for release rockets through me, twisting a fist deep in my belly. “You can’t say things like that yet, Meadow. You’re going to make me come.”

Her lower body rolls sensually, freeing half my cock before sheathing it once more. “Isn’t that what you want?”

Through my haze of beastly lust, I study her face and see the question she posed is genuinely innocent, she’s not actively trying to kill me, but somehow her innocence bends my willpower all the more. “Stop looking at me like that or I’m going to flip you over and fuck you silly.”

Meadow gasps and a shudder passes through her. She falls forward until her nipples graze my chest, grinding her hips down onto mine. “Oh. Ohhh. My clit is…oh I can rub it right there and it feels so good. Oh my God. The pressure of you inside me is making it feel so much better.”

My life flashes in front of my eyes. Of course this treasure of a girl I’ve found is a dirty little fuck princess. A natural her first time around. All I can do is lie there and try not to bust as she rubs her clit on my cock and whines my name. As soon as her muscles lock up and her pussy grips me tight, I roll her over and pound my cock into her orgasm, her flesh contracting and releasing around me. Meadow’s head thrashes side to side on the bed, her thighs open, hips rolling. I’m snarling at her like a goddamn wolf. I feel like one. Like a fucking animal claiming its mate and my grunts and snaps of teeth only heighten that belief.

“Feel your king, Meadow. Feel me.” Once again, I sense Meadow welcoming my domination and I waste no time giving us what we need. I grip her jaw tight and tilt up her face to the fading sunset light, watching her eyes glitter with excitement. “I’m getting ready to feed your little pussy its new favorite meal.” I drive my cock deep and feel the first spurt take hold, slopping out deep in her hot, clenching cunt. My groan of relief shakes the windows. “Eat it all up.” Another spurt. “There’s your seconds, gorgeous. Take it down. Let it work its magic in your tummy.”

Until I say those words, getting Meadow pregnant isn’t a reality. But with my growled statement echoing in the air above us, it becomes my sole purpose in life. It’s what I want above all else. To get my queen pregnant. Something takes hold of me, something primal, and another wealth of semen shoots up the thick stalk of my cock, pouring into Meadow’s thighs, my rabid thrusts making it squelch and squirt all over her tight body. She can’t take the whole load, but I feel some of it finding its way home and I push my dick as far inside of her as I can, kissing away her scream.

“Good little girl. We’re going to make that belly swell,” I growl at her lips. “Just open your thighs and take what your king gives you.”

Meadow’s body stills beneath mine and begins to shake anew, her fingernails ripping down my back. “It’s…I-I’m coming again. Walker.”

“Good, baby. Take it.”

“I…” She gasps. “I love you.”

Our mouths lock together and I feel half my soul leave my body, planting inside of hers. Irrevocably. “God, Meadow,” I rasp. “God, I love you, too.”

I fuck her so hard through her second climax, her upper half is hanging off the bed by the time she stops moaning and clenching around me. I roll onto my side, spent, and gather her into my arms, staring up at the ceiling in all out wonder.

I thought I knew how much I loved her. How possessive I was. How jealous. How protective. But I just handed her my soul. She’s gone from a weakness to something else altogether. She’s my very life-blood.

Something happens to her, I’ll drop dead.

It’s a gut-deep certainty. It’s fact.

She snuggles into my neck and sighs sweetly, her hand in a loose fist over my racing heart. “My king,” she murmurs in her sleep.

I’m never, ever letting her leave this house. Or my sight.






Something is different about Walker when I wake up.

He’s prowling back and forth in front of the lit fireplace in the bedroom, the flames dancing in his eyes. My worry is put on hold temporarily to appreciate how truly sexy he is, however. Plus my bones are currently made of pudding and I don’t want to move or speak or even think too hard.

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