I pull her down onto my lap and breathe in the scent of oranges from her neck. “I’m always thinking about you, gorgeous.”

Love fills her eyes. “Are you enjoying your birthday, my king?”

I stroke a hand down her hair. “You always make it perfect. You make everything so damn perfect, Meadow.” Her sweet ass twists in my lap and I bare my teeth at her. “Is that an invitation?”

“I’m always issuing invitations. You don’t always take them.”

My eyebrows shoot up. “Excuse me? Name one time.”

She picks up my whiskey and takes a long sip, setting it back down. “Like yesterday, when you were watching me across the street again while I was at work…and I sat on my desk and did several sexy hair flips…”

A smile slowly widens my mouth. “You know I watch you?”

She hums in her throat, presses her forehead to mine. “I like it,” she whispers. “And it’s not too late to take the invitation.”

I’m carrying her from the room before the words finish leaving her mouth. Everyone in the dining room is well used to me stealing my wife away in the middle of a gathering, so there isn’t even a break in conversation. There is no way I can make it upstairs before getting inside her magic body, so I take a quick turn and step out onto the balcony. A breeze picks up her hair as I set her down and back her toward the closest wall and she’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Her eyes sparkle with moonlight and love, she’s slightly tipsy and happy.

That’s the best part of all. Meadow’s happiness.

I wonder if she knows it’ll never even equal half of mine.

“I’ve decided what I want for my birthday,” I rasp, drawing up the hem of her dress to her hips.

“Me?” she breathes, reaching for my belt and unfastening it quickly.

“Always, Meadow. Always you.” She removes my cock from my pants and strokes me in her skilled, massage therapist fist. “Ahhhh, Jesus.”

She giggles. “There’s something else?”

I pull down her panties and grip her tight butt cheeks in my hand, lifting and placing her on the wall. Holding her there with my body. “It’s time for another baby.”

“Yes,” she whimpers, spreading her thighs for me, rubbing her wet cunt on my ready shaft. “It’s time. It’s time.”

I growl against her mouth. “I need to watch you grow with my child in your belly again. I want to plant my seed in you. I need that connection to my Meadow. Now.” Emotion catches me in the throat. “And goddammit, baby, you’re such a good mother…”

“And you’re the best father. The best.” Her smooth hands hold the sides of my face. “I love you so much, Walker. The love…it gets more intense every day.”

“Mine is infinite,” I whisper into her mouth, taking her lips in a long, hard, seeking kiss. “This love has no end.” My cock dips into her entrance, but I know from experience it’ll go no further without some force, so I rear back and pump my hips hard, pinning my gasping wife to the wall of our home, gritting my teeth against the pleasure. “Jesus, you’re still as tight as a fucking virgin, baby.”

“Happy birthday to you.”

Only this woman could make me laugh while I’m hornier than a bull.

Keeping one hand on her backside, I slap the other one to the wall and fuck my incredible wife with slow, measured drives. Every stroke is more amazing than the last and as always, she brings me to the edge fast with her breathy sounds and shaking tits. Needing her to come, craving her pleasure, I bend my head down and use my teeth to yank down the neckline of her dress, sucking those pointed red nipples into my mouth, one by one, with a strangled groan.

“Oh Walker,” she wails, curling her nails into my shoulders, signaling her imminent climax. “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Tell me what I want to hear,” I shout into her neck.

Her pussy clamps down and her body arches and strains, the orgasm consuming her and bringing mine roaring to the surface. “Fill me up.” Her thighs squeeze around me and she sobs the last part in my ear. “Breed me, my king.”

I do, with pleasure, letting her see my obsession with her in my eyes.

It’s not the last time we make a baby, either, and with the light of my world at my side, we rule Boston—and each other—for the rest of our lives.


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