My laughter is threaded with darkness. “You have no fucking idea how much. But you’re still wearing clothes, aren’t you?” I loosen her ponytail, tossing aside the thin band, before sliding my fingers through her hair and gripping, tilting her face up toward the ceiling. “We’ve spent ten minutes talking. That only leaves me fifty minutes to touch. Show me the rest.”

I’m not usually so commanding with women. I just don’t care enough to be anything but aloof and pressed for time. But there’s an intuition in my bones about Meadow. Like maybe she stands up to me because she wants me to push back. Maybe even needs it. I don’t know how else to explain the goosebumps that cover her delicious-looking skin or the way she moans gently when I twist my grip a little in her hair, all while she maintains that defiant look in her eye.

Her fingers tremble as she unhooks the front snap of her bra and shimmies her shoulders, sending the lace cascading down her arms. “There,” she gasps, lashes fluttering. “Happy?”

I lean down and trail my tongue across the seam of her lips. When she parts them, I give the interior of her mouth a long lick. “I won’t be happy until your come is dripping off my fucking chin, Meadow.”

Her shocked intake of breath is still hanging in the air when I pull her up onto her toes for a longer kiss. There’s the smallest of hesitations on her part and then she’s refusing to let my lips win the battle. Fuck. This hot little firecracker. What she does to my blood. It’s zapping and heating to a degree it’s never been before and will never be again. Not with anyone but her.

I keep one hand locked in her hair and the free one trails down to her ass, shoving inside her panties to test the perfection of her ass cheeks. High, firm little things that almost make me come in my pants. Her new throne is my lap. Everywhere we go, I’m going to sit her sweet bottom right on top of my dick and make people kneel at her feet. Where the hell has this girl been my whole life?

An ugly thought rears its head and I rip my mouth away from hers, leaning down until our foreheads are touching. “How the hell did my friend know I was going to love this massage so much? You put your pretty hands on other men?”

Meadow’s mouth drops open and I almost kiss her again, instead of waiting for an answer. Almost. My uncontrollable jealousy forces me to wait, holding my breath. “Don’t you dare act possessive with me,” she breathes. “I just met you today. I don’t owe you an explanation for anything.”

“Meadow,” I growl against her mouth. “Answer me.”

“I haven’t had any appointments with men. Yet.” She seems annoyed with herself for giving up that information. Even more so when I smile at the admission. “He probably heard about me on Yelp, Walker. Calm down.”

“Calm down?” I spin her around so she’s facing the table and use my right hand to tug down her panties, palming her backside roughly. “I’ve killed men over that kind of disrespect.”

“I’m not scared of you.”

“Oh no?” I step to the side just enough to deliver a quick swat to her tight ass. Then another three more hard slaps in quick succession. “How about now?”

Her only response is to moan and arch her back.

Jesus. Yes. My intuition about Meadow was right. She’s a fucking hellcat but she wants to be tamed in the sack and I’m the only man who’ll ever get the honor. I’m so primed for the opportunity to tickle her kink until she implodes that I almost forget we’re not fucking today. She told me we’re not sleeping together, and while I’m dying to get my aching cock inside her, I want her one hundred percent willing ahead of time, not just in the heat of the moment.

No, this is supposed to be about her pleasure and how well I can provide it.

When I told her I wasn’t positive about my adeptness with women, I was telling the truth. However, I’m sure as fuck giving this girl as many orgasms as she needs. I won’t rest until I’ve found out what makes her squeal and delivered it. Repeatedly. I’ll damn well become a certified Meadow Expert before the hour is up.

I crack my palm across her ass several more times, until she’s squeezing her thighs together and clawing at the massage table. Judging she’s on the edge of climaxing already, I stop the spanking, desperate to taste that honey on my tongue when she releases it. Her dazed expression when I turn her back around is my undoing. She’s so beautiful, so full of life, I can’t fucking breathe.

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