My mouth finds hers of its own volition and our tongues drag together greedily, while my hand peels down her panties further, letting them drop to her ankles. The second we break for air, I throw her up onto the table, grab her knees and yank her to the edge. My knees land on the ground, putting me eye level with the snuggest, sweetest-looking cunt in existence. I’m positive of it.

“Oh my God,” she whimpers, face flushed. “I can’t believe this is happening. I…I shouldn’t be doing this…you said you were going to massage me. Not k-kiss me and—”

“I said I’d put my hands and mouth wherever I want.” I trail my tongue up the inside of her thigh, heading straight for heaven. “I didn’t say which one would be doing the massaging.”

“You have a way of twisting words to suit you.”

“And you love that I know how.”

There’s just a split second of time where she smiles at me, I smile back, and that’s it. This is where I fall in love with Meadow. An inch away from her pussy while she graces me with a quirk of her lips. She becomes the most important thing in my life, just like that, because nothing and no one has ever filled me with this much purpose. Or affection. I’m in love with this girl. In love without an exit, as if I’d ever fucking look for one.

“You want your massage, don’t you?” I tease the seam of her pussy with the tip of my tongue, the scent of oranges and Meadow giving my cock the weight of an anvil. “Open your legs and let me give it to you, gorgeous. I’m paying good money to have you make a mess all over my face.”

She falls back on the table, as if unable to help it, catching herself on both elbows. Slowly, inch by wary inch, she spreads her thighs and I waste zero seconds licking through the wet valley of her pussy. Her back jolts off the table in an arch and she lets out a broken sob. “Walker. Walker.”

Now that she’s said my name while I’m eating her pussy, I have no choice but to unzip my pants and beat off. I stroke in time with each drag of my tongue, jerking faster while I bat her clit with light flicks, slower when I’m savoring her with long tastes, all the way from her puckered asshole to the bundle of nerves that makes her whine and beg for me to keep going. The world’s most expensive wine, the earth’s rarest delicacies, could not compare to the taste of Meadow’s cunt. She’s intoxicating. Sweet. Juicy. Smooth.

I’m ready to lay down my kingdom at her feet even before I twist a finger inside her slight opening and find out she’s never been fucked.

Jesus Christ. A virgin.

“Mine,” I growl. I’m speaking to Meadow. Her virginity, too. “Mine!”

I’m speaking to everyone who walks upright.

Meadow belongs to Walker.

“Please don’t stop,” she gasps, her hips rocking on the table, making her pussy slide up, down and side to side on my waiting tongue. “Oh, I’m…its…so good.”

Not wanting to pop her cherry with my long finger, I withdraw it to her opening where I play with her hole, rubbing circles around it and picturing that first ride. I’d lay odds my little firecracker will do her best to buck me off. “This hole is where my cock goes, Meadow. It’s been waiting for me.”

Her knees hug the sides of my head, beginning to shake, and I watch her belly and tits heave from below while licking her clit, over and over. “Yes. Yes. Yours!”

Satisfaction digs its claws into my gut, along with possessiveness, jealousy and outright lust. My dick it so engorged inside my fapping fist, I can’t wait another second to blow and when her perfect pussy clenches against my tongue and she groans, I suckle her clit and let thick ropes of come out onto the floor. Christ. Christ. I’ve never lost myself this way. No control. Just burning, necessary release. So much spend leaves me at once, my stomach sucks in and expands with a long, guttural growl, my lips still drawing on her pretty pink bud.

Licking Meadow’s pleasure off my chin bolsters my climax yet again and I pull away from her pussy to keep from biting into her with my teeth. Laying claim like a fucking animal. This woman has turned me into a fiend.

When I’ve finally drained myself, I gain my feet and step between Meadow’s limp thighs, pulling her against me in a tight hug. I stroke her hair and kiss her bare shoulders, suddenly worried I’ve made a misstep by offering her money. A lot of money that I will gladly pay, as long as she knows how important she is to me. Was I so caught up in getting close to her by any means necessary that I’ve put a blemish on our first day together?

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