“There you go. Fuck me back,” he growled, slipping his hand under her. His fingers dipped between her cheeks, teasing that very private area that she’d allowed no man to ever explore. “You like that?”

“Maybe,” she said in a breathless rush. The tip slid inside and her eyes widened, little sparks of pleasure and pain radiating from that very spot. “Oh!”

“Trust me,” he said, his voice low and dark.

Trust him? Of course she trusted him. She loved Carter. Her heart beat out the syllables of his name. And now that he was inside of her, making her body crave him more than ever, she was going to be a mess when things between them ended. Things would end.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, crossing her feet at the ankles, and was rewarded with a hard thrust that she felt from head to toe. In fact, her toes curled so hard that they popped.

His thrusts became steady, his finger teasing her and going deeper until she didn’t care where he put anything as long as he didn’t stop.

He coaxed her lips open, mimicking what his c**k was doing to her with his tongue. She curled her own around it, eliciting a growl from him. Tearing his mouth away, he removed his finger and planted an elbow on each side of her.

“You’re squeezing my dick so tight,” he said, his movements relentless and precise. Every forward roll of his hips, sent his groin in direct contact with her clit, until her entire being focus on that. “Never felt anything so good.”

“I need—” Another roll of his hips and she let out a strangled cry. “Please.”

“Know what you need, Melanie.” He bit down hard on her shoulder and ground against her.

Pleasure and pain crashed inside of her, blending until she didn’t know where one stopped and the other began. She went over the edge, crying out Carter’s name, God’s and who knew what else.

Her eyes closed as he picked up the pace, prolonging her orgasm until he pushed himself deep inside of her. “Oh f**k,” he growled as he came.

For long minutes, she held him in her arms, stroking his back and placing kisses on his neck. So overwhelmed by what had happened, she almost said ‘I love you’ right then and there. But something, mostly the almost absolute knowledge that Carter didn’t feel that way about her, kept her lips sealed tight.

“Next time,” he began and her heart, already beating at a frantic pace, took off. “I see Trent, I’m going to buy him a beer, then beat his ass for hurting you.”

That crazy heart of hers did cartwheels. She was surprised the poor thing hadn’t given out. “Trent’s in jail, so you’ll have to get in line.”

Carter blinked. In jail? Where did Melanie meet these guys? “Do I need to pick your next boyfriend, because your taste in men sucks.” He regretted the words as soon as the left his mouth.

Her hands froze on his back. “Very funny,” she said on a laugh. Only that laugh of hers sounded fake as hell, and it was all his fault.


He needed some time to think. He’d just broken his own rule about getting involved with Melanie. Hell, he’d done more than get involved…he’d most likely just had the best sex of his life with her.

“Sorry. I was out of line.” Sorry was quickly becoming his go-to word when it came to Melanie, which made him feel like a complete jackass.

“That’s okay.” But he knew it wasn’t, not by a country mile.

Refusing to look at her, because he didn’t want to see the hurt in her eyes, he eased out of her tight heat. Rising to his feet, he left her room in search of the bathroom. After he disposed of the condom and washed his hands and face, he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

“Pansy-assed coward,” he muttered.

He had no choice but to make things right between them. Whatever that entailed. Although she had said she wanted to keep things secret. Maybe even casual. For once the thought of being some woman’s booty call didn’t appeal to him. But he chalked that up to the whole Melanie dynamic.

Knowing her since they were kids didn’t help things. It only made this entire situation murky. Maybe it would be for the best if this was a one-time thing. Something impulsive and sexy as hell, but incredibly stupid.

And maybe he should have thought of that before he driven here tonight.

He found her in tucked in bed, wearing his t-shirt as she slept the sleep of the fully satisfied. Guess he’d talk to her in the morning. Pulling the covers back, he joined her. A little breathy sigh leaving her as she scooted her ass up to his groin. He threw an arm and leg over her, completely aware of how perfectly they fit together.

Oh hell, he was in for it now.

Chapter Nine

Daylight streaming through the blinds of her bedroom woke Carter. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. Looking down at the woman sleeping on his chest, he smiled.

Her blonde curls were everywhere. He sifted his fingers through them, breathing in the coconut scent that always accompanied her.

“Morning,” she said, her voice sleepy and cute as hell. She started to slide off of him, but he wrapped his arms around her.

“Morning.” He kissed the top of her head. “How about breakfast in bed?”

“I can whip up some pancakes.” She stretched against him, her br**sts straining against his t-shirt.

His c**k throbbed, reminding him of exactly what he should be doing with it. “Breakfast can wait.” Though he’d planned on cooking for her, not the other way around. He slipped the t-shirt over her head and rose above her, taking in full br**sts and bright pink ni**les. “Think I’ll have some dessert first.”

Kissing his way down her stomach, he parted her with two thumbs and her hips jumped. “What are you doing?”

He grinned up at her. “Getting ready to eat.” He slipped a finger inside of her, groaning as her inner muscles clamped down on him. “Where are my manners? Ladies should always be first.” Easing his finger out, he crawled up her body and pushed his finger between her parted lips. “Suck.”

Brown eyes burning with desire closed as her little tongue curled and stroked, licking away her honey from his skin. Her hands came up, pushing against his chest and he fell on his back. She surveyed him with a wicked gleam in her eyes, before she put herself mouth level with his dick.

“Looks like I have entire buffet at my disposal.” Then she opened her sexy lips and took the head of him into her mouth.

“Fuuuck,” he moaned. Not one to just lie there, even with a woman’s mouth on his cock, he fisted his hands in her hair and guided her movements. He couldn’t not watch her head bob up and down.

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