Chapter One

Hunter Reynolds stared around the large room, watching as the women laughed and gossiped while the men tried not to whip their dicks out to show who was bigger and better than the others. None of them were bigger than he was, nor were they better. Some of the men in the room came from old money, and were reported to be complete wastes of space when it came to their work. Others, like him, had built from the ground up, but they were dirty. They had money and connections to the mafia.

He had built everything from his backyard as a kid, taking the world by storm with his products. It had started out as a small distributing firm, to now owning firms he had once been part of. His corporation now had deals in entertainment, food, technology, and they would be advancing soon into clothing. They had a designer, and several models lined up, but for Hunter something didn’t fit right with him. Their designer was known for expanding to the whole market, and yet the models didn’t seem to fit that mold that she wanted.

The photographer had done his best to capture the mood, but again his little designer wasn’t happy. Elise Hamilton had been one of the hardest women to please, but she was wanted by so many that not having her was not ideal. She had been wanted by fashion lines all over the world, and yet he’d been the one to get her, and he was determined to get her what she wanted. The clothing line wouldn’t go out to market until she was satisfied with every element of the marketing. She was being a pain in the ass, but he liked her for taking a stand.

When she had showed him the boards the photographer set up she said that it looked like a damn photo shoot where people look, and don’t really see the clothes, and just flick past in magazines.

“I want someone fresh, who people look at and see beauty, but they can also see themselves wearing it.” That had been what Elise had told him a week ago.

He had finally grown tired of staring at beautiful women. They had all blurred into looking like one.

“You need to put on a smile,” Daryl Biggs, his charming PA, said.

“I don’t feel in the mood to smile. This is a charity event, and people are wearing gowns that could feed several homeless kids,” he said. This was part of the society that he hated more than anything. The false sense that they were doing something good. Yes, they would donate money, but it wasn’t going to make much difference.

He was becoming cynical in his old age. His birthday had been a couple of days ago, and he was forty years old. His mother had asked him what he’d achieved in life. All he had to say was he owned a billion-dollar corporation. That was it. His parents had never been able to handle his wealth. They were more than happy with his success, but they still owned the home where he started from. His bedroom was the same as when he left it at sixteen years old.

Life had just been flying by, and his parents wanted grandkids. They wanted him to find love that they had, and he simply didn’t believe in love.

Forcing a smile to his lips, he sipped champagne and watched everyone mill around. When a large group began to laugh, he was drawn to the sound, and then he paused. The first thing he saw was the figure hugging white dress. Most of the women at the event were all near size zero, but this woman had an ass on her, and it was enhanced by the dress. Every single curve was on display, and all he saw was her black hair in ringlets down her back.

“Who the hell is that?” he asked. His cock had already begun to harden, and he’d not even see her face yet.

Daryl looked in the direction of his gaze. “I don’t know if you’re joking or not.”

“Who is the woman in the white dress?”

“That’s Payton Hicks, sir.”

“Who is she?”

Daryl began to laugh until Hunter’s scowl stopped him. “Oh wow, you really don’t know, do you? Okay then. She is a plus-sized model. Her picture is like everywhere, and she has been making a great deal of headlines. Of course there is always good and bad publicity. People think she’s setting a bad example for kids, and others think she is a role model that breaks tradition.”

Hunter headed in that direction, and he rounded the group so that he could finally get a good look at her. He wasn’t disappointed. This woman was perfection. She had nice large tits, rounded hips and stomach, and was every single inch a woman. What he loved, and he was sure what every single man in the room loved, was the confidence on her face. Some of the women were giving her evil glares, and others he saw admiration in their eyes.

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