Hunter ordered his food, and he took his own piece of bread. “So what inspired your motto?”

“You’re not wanting to get on track with wanting to fuck me?” she asked.

“I’ll get to that, but I also love conversation.” He sat up, and for Payton, everything faded away. “I want to know more about you, and not what you put on those boards to appease everyone.”

“I guess in a way everything happened because of my sister, Bethany. We were always close growing up. She was the older of the two of us, and she was kind of like my idol. Always getting the high grades, and you know, just a nice girl and then woman. What me and my family didn’t know was that she was suffering in silence.” She paused, and composed herself. It was still hard to talk about Bethany. “She had anorexia and bulimia. Now, bulimia, if you’re not aware is where you gorge on food, and then you feel guilt, and throw it up, or they take laxatives to help with everything. It’s a psychological condition where no matter what, they think they’re too fat even when they’re dangerously thin. I don’t know if Bethany had that, or if she just couldn’t stand to have food sit in her stomach, so she would vomit it. I didn’t really know the truth until she passed out, and the doctors told us of her condition.”

Hunter reached across the table, touching her hand. “I’m so sorry. Anorexia can kill?”

“Yes. It can strain the body, not to mention the mental aspects of the disease. Anyone can get it. Men, women, children, and they have this thing where they look in the mirror and see this horrible fat person.” She took a deep breath, and leaned back. “I’m so sorry.”

He held out a tissue. “You do not need to apologize.”

“I have spoken about it before. The last few days, it has just been so raw. Before she died, I had started to take pictures of myself, and just having some fun. She told me to never be ashamed of who I am. To never allow a moment of someone else’s pain to become my own. She always had a way with words. Rick was with me when she died, and he’s been there throughout my whole life. He’s my best friend, and if you have a problem with him, well he and I come as a package deal.”

“I don’t have to fuck him, do I?”

She burst out laughing, and shook her head. “No. Sorry. We come as a package deal with work, and also as friends. The sex is just me. He’s like a brother, and I know I’m like a sister to him.”

“Our first date and I made you cry.”

“It’ll be the only time you do. I’m not known for crying.” Their food arrived, and Payton found herself telling him everything about her. The fact that her previous lovers were now married, and he told her of his past, and his rise in the business. He made her laugh with jokes about some of his mishaps, and she told him about hers when it came to showing the wrong pictures.

By the end of the night, she didn’t want their date to end.

They left the restaurant, and Payton stared up at the stars.

“How about you take a walk with me?” he said.

“I’d love that.” Putting her arm through his, they began to walk down the busy street. Cities were always busy, and that was something she loved about them. She could get lost and no one would know who she was.

“I can’t believe you were approached to be in porn,” he said.

“It came around because of a kiss and tell story. Just so you know it was all lies. I think what amazes me is how much trash the papers are willing to write. I was just starting out, and my name was getting mentioned. The plus-size model who dares to break convention and stuff like that. Anyway, the story was that I was a freak in the bedroom, and stuff like that. Before I knew what was happening, I was being called, and if it hadn’t been for Rick checking over a contract, I would be in a totally different place than I am now. I don’t like having sex with strangers. I’ve nothing against the porn industry at all. I just don’t want to be in it.”

They came to a stop outside of a park. Several people were milling around, and Payton looked at Hunter, and before she could say or do anything, his lips were on hers.

Chapter Four

Hunter pressed Payton up against the gate, sinking his fingers into her hair, and claiming those perfect lips. Her hand went to his chest, and he expected her to push him away, but she didn’t. Her fingers gripped his shirt tightly, and she released a little moan, giving him the advantage that he needed.

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