Staring into his eyes, Payton knew that if she wasn’t careful their parting could hurt. In the few hours that she had known him, he had made her feel a whole load of things that she had thought were gone. No one had ever made her feel this alive, and she’d really felt she was cold inside.

Pushing all of her fears to one side, she kissed him back, squeezing his hand as he held her tightly to him. She thrust up to meet him as he filled her, his hands holding her tightly to him, promising to never let her go.

He would fuck her hard and fast, then slow down, taking his time, making her beg him for more. In between kisses, he’d suck on her nipples, giving attention to each tit as he did. Her body was on fire, the need burning brighter than anything else she had ever experienced. He knew what he was doing as he prolonged the pleasure.

“Come for me, Payton,” he said, releasing a hand, and reaching between them, stroking her clit. Against all odds, she came on his cock as he sent her into her third orgasm. Hunter followed her over the edge, and he held her tightly to him as he did, both of them panting for breath as their orgasmic high slowly ebbed away.

She hadn’t been this exhausted from sex, ever.

When he pulled out, she watched as he disappeared to rid himself of the condom. As he did that, she rushed toward the door, retrieving her dress. She sent a quick text off to Rick, letting him know that she wouldn’t be spending the night.

Hunter was an easy man to fall for, and she wasn’t stupid enough to think that he was the right man for her.

When he came back into the sitting room, he froze. “You’re dressed.”

“And I called a taxi.” She held her cell phone up. “I really enjoyed tonight, and as much as I’d love to stay, I don’t want to make this confusing.”

He folded his arms. “You used me for sex?”

She shook her head. “We used each other. I don’t want to cause a scene, and I think this would be easier for the two of us, to keep things simple. Just sex.”

“Is that all you want?” he asked.

She nodded. “I think it is.” What she didn’t want was to become attached to this man, and she knew without a doubt how easy that was. “I will see myself out.”

Chapter Five

For the next week Hunter couldn’t get Payton out of his head. She wasn’t scheduled to start until the following week as Elise still had last minute preparations to make. Rick had also called ahead, and handed them a list of available photographers for Elise to go over. Hunter didn’t mind. It was all business, and in the end he’d make money. What he didn’t like was the fact he was constantly checking Payton through Daryl’s social media page.

When he slept with a woman, that was it. No going back, no second date, and he certainly wasn’t the kind of guy to stalk. Right now he felt like a stalker as a brand new picture had appeared on Payton’s page. It was a selfie of her and Rick, and even though he knew that guy was no threat, the fact he got to be with her every single day was like a kick to the gut.

“Why don’t you call her?” Daryl asked, appearing behind his shoulder. “I have a feeling I’m going to get a call from the cops or something.”


“You’re mass stalking her. I don’t even know if they watch that kind of thing. Seriously, Hunter, you need to call her.”

“She’s due in the office next week.”

“And if something goes wrong, which it could, you won’t see her until Elise is ready.”

Hunter tapped his fingers on the desk. “I’m not like this.”

“I know. It’s why I’m offering you this advice. Call her.”

He gritted his teeth, and turned to his friend. “She doesn’t want anything between us.” It cost him so much behaving like a little pussy.

“Last time I checked, Hunter Reynolds had balls, and didn’t take shit from anyone. If you want Payton, don’t let her push you around. Just so you know, I’ve heard a great deal about this woman. She’s nice, and in most situations she gets taken advantage of. Rick Maybe she’s trying to keep you at arms’ length.”

“We’re talking like a bunch of pussies,” Hunter said.

“You’re acting like one.” With that, Daryl left, and Hunter shut down the pages. He needed to get his own account, but that seemed way too stalkery for him.

“I’m not like this,” he said. No woman had ever made him feel like this, and with Payton, he didn’t want to screw things up.

Pulling out his cell phone, he dialed her number because he totally had it in his little book, and waited.

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