“Hello,” she said, sounding a little out of breath.

“Hello, Payton.”

“Hunter, it’s so good to hear from you. I thought you forgot me there.”

“So you wanted me to call you?” he asked, leaning back as his dick got hard recalling her riding him.

“Of course I did, but I can’t be too obvious now, can I? I enjoyed spending time with you over dinner, and then obviously later.”

“When I fucked your brains out?”

Did he just hear a whimper?

“Anyway, erm, how have you been?”

“Busy, what about you?”

“We’re doing a couple of shots today in the local park. It’s for an interview. Rick is going crazy because people have their cell phones out, and obviously some stuff will go viral. Especially if it’s a bad angle. Sometimes I’m not at my best.”

“I doubt that.” He loved that she didn’t sound scared, or hurt, or worried. There was a confidence inside her that called to him. “I was calling. Do you want to go out tonight?” Which just so happened to be Friday, and close to the weekend.

“I’ve got nothing going on, and I would love to.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up, with flowers, and I intend to be invited up.”

“You’re bossy today.”

Being nice hadn’t gotten him what he wanted.

“Let’s just say I don’t want you to have a reason to come down and meet me.”

“It’s fine, Hunter. You want to see my sweet pad. I get it. Just to warn you, it’s all girly.”

He chuckled. “I’ll love it, I know I will.”

“How is Elise? She told me she still had a few adjustments to make, and hadn’t said next Monday would be a concrete deadline.”

“I’m not aware. As far and Daryl and I are concerned, everything is running smoothly.” He was going to be paying a visit to Elise downstairs. “I better let you get back to your photo shoot. Take care.”

“I will, and you.”

He hung up the phone, and immediately made his way downstairs where he found Elise moving around a bunch of men and women on sewing machines. Most of the outfits were on mannequins, having changes made.

“Hunter, it’s so good to have you here.” She took him through to her office. “What’s up?”

“Just been on the phone with Payton, and she doesn’t know if Monday is a guaranteed date.”

Elise rubbed at her head. “I’ve had to make some changes to certain schedules, and Daryl’s arranging the new photographers. I’ve been out most of the week, checking the zones are what I want. Believe me, Hunter, this is going to be a hit.”

“I want one photo shoot ready on Monday.”

“This is going to take a couple of weeks, and I can book Payton during that time if you would like,” she said.

He turned to his cousin without saying a word.

“It’s obvious you’re digging her. Clearly you want her close.”

He walked away shaking his head, but again, still smiling. For the rest of the day he was watching the clock, and for the first time since he started his company, he was out of the door at exactly five o’clock, even to Daryl’s surprise.

Within two hours he was already changed and heading to Payton’s. He pressed the buzzer on her apartment, and this time she let him inside. Making his way up toward her floor, he knocked on her door, and there she was.

The dress she wore hung off one shoulder, and seemed to dip between the valley of her breasts.

“I invited you up. Isn’t that what you wanted?” she asked.

“It is.” The dress stopped at her knee, and when she turned, presenting him with her back, he saw that there was no line of her panties. His cock was already responding, but all this woman needed to do was smile, and he was putty in her hands.

Closing the door, he looked around her space. It was a large apartment, in a nice area of the city. His place was a little bigger, but what he loved about Payton’s home was it seemed loving. There were lots of pictures, and in the corner was a large bookshelf. He followed her into the kitchen, and he saw a large round chocolate cake with frosting over it.

“Did you make that?”

“Yes, I did.” She had already filled a vase, and took the flowers from him.

“May I have a slice?” he asked. Chocolate was in fact one of his weaknesses. She put the roses down, and took the dome off the cake, cutting him a large slice. She put it on a small plate with a fork, and handed it to him.

“I do hope you like it.”

One bite, and he was in love. The frosting wasn’t rock hard, but it was sweet, making his mouth water for another bite. The cake was moist, the frosting divine.

Everything about this cake was perfection.

She put the roses into the vase, and then came toward him. “I actually got something for you.”

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