“For me?”

“Yes. I figure that you wouldn’t like flowers, but the way you’re going at that cake, I think I should have baked you one. Still, I hope you like it.”

He put the empty plate down, and he wanted to lick every single last crumb off the plate. It was a shame to waste good cake. If she went to the bathroom, he would do it, but right now, it seemed really undignified.

He took the square box, and opened the lid. Inside was a gold watch, but it was down to the fact that she had bought him a gift.

“We finished our photo shoot early. Rick had a date, and I had some time to kill. I passed a jeweler’s and I saw it and thought of you. If you don’t like it I can take it back, and change it.”

“It’s lovely, Payton, thank you.” No one, besides his parents, had gotten him a gift before.

“I always figure that the guy brings roses, so why can’t we get our man a gift? Not that I’m saying you’re my man, but you get the gist of it,” she said, giggling.

He removed the watch he’d been wearing, and replaced it with hers. “Are you ready to party?”


Payton patted her foot to the beat of the music. The entire club, Raw, was alive with energy. People were dancing, and everyone was crowded together. Hunter was talking with the owner, and she didn’t mind that he was doing business, but she didn’t like the way other women were looking at him.

That man was with her.

Finally, after half an hour, and two shots of tequila later, she’d had enough.

Moving up toward the two men, she patted Hunter on the back. He turned toward her.

“Hi, yeah, remember me, your date? If not, I’m going on that dancefloor, and then I’m leaving.”

She spun on her heel, and climbed onto the dancefloor. It seemed a little childish to make an ultimatum, but she had acted like a silly woman. The moment he had called, she had dropped everything for a chance to be with him. Rick had invited her to dinner with the woman she had set him up with online. She’d pulled out of that dinner, to be out with Hunter, only for him to leave her for business.

The moment she was surrounded by people dancing, she was able to relax, and finally begin dancing herself. She didn’t like how Hunter affected her. It was one of the reasons why she had initiated the just sex rule, and still, she was breaking her own rules.

She enjoyed being with him, and buying him that watch had been so stupid.

Ugh! She was embarrassed. With the low lighting, she was pleased no one else could see her feelings. Closing her eyes, she let the music rush through her, and let go for several moments, until a hand wrapped around her waist.

She jerked around and saw Hunter was right there. He leaned down so his lips brushed her ear. “I was talking business, baby. You didn’t have to worry.”

“Talk business on your own time. You invited me out, and ignored me. Are you punishing me for what I said to you at your place?” she asked, then wished she could take those words back. She put her hands on his chest. “You know what? Let’s just have a lot of fun, okay? I don’t want to make this complicated in any way.”

The hand at her waist moved down to her ass, and he pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling his cock press against her stomach.

“I shouldn’t have left you. You could have joined us at any time.”

“Please. Women were practically drooling all over you.” She winced at the sound of her own jealousy. Hunter didn’t seem to mind. He was chuckling.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were a little jealous there. You have nothing to worry about, Payton. I’m here with you, and you’re the only woman I’ve been thinking about for a long time now.”

This was getting more complicated. The music changed to something low and sensual. Hunter spun her around so that her back was to him, and his lips grazed her neck.

Closing her eyes, she relished the feel of his arms around her. He was so tall, so muscular that he had the ability to make her feel protected. Sometimes she missed that, having someone to lean on. Rick was great. He was also her best friend, and she didn’t want to lean on him in any other way than as friends.

By the end of the night, she was slightly drunk, and a lot happy.

“I’ve not had a fun night out like that in a long time,” she said, making her way up to her apartment.

“I’m pleased you enjoyed it.”

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