Suddenly, Payton sank to her knees before him, taking hold of his boxer briefs and sliding them down until they were at his knees. His cock sprang free. The tip was swollen and slick. The vein along the side seemed to pulse as it filled with his blood.

Payton wrapped her fingers around the shaft and flicked her tongue across the tip. He moaned.

“Put it in your mouth.”

“You want me to suck your cock, sir?” she asked, the wicked smile testing him in more ways than one.

He wrapped her hair around his wrist so that he had control. “Suck my dick, Payton.”


She covered the head of his cock, taking him to the back of her throat, coating the length of him with her saliva. She came up but didn’t wait for instruction. She bobbed her head, taking a great deal of his length without choking on it.

He watched as she slowly took more of him into the back of her throat, and swallowed him. Each time she did, it made him moan. He hadn’t intended to get his cock sucked this morning, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain.

She sucked more of him into her mouth, bringing him closer to orgasm. He wanted to close his eyes and keep on watching her at the same time.

“Touch yourself,” he said. Both of her hands were resting on her knees, but he didn’t want her to just be giving himself pleasure. He wanted her to experience it as well.

One of her hands left him, and she moaned around his cock, the sound muffled but vibrating up his dick as she began to finger her pussy.

“Are you wet, baby?” he asked.

“Very wet.”

“Let me have a taste.”

She held up her fingers, and he licked them, tasting her. He could lick her pussy all day long, and one day soon, he intended to do just that.

When it came to Payton, she fired his blood in ways that continued to surprise him. Women were something that he had used to scratch an itch, and with Payton, he didn’t want to use her. He wanted so much more.

After knowing her a handful of hours, he wanted her in every single way. Pushing all of his crazy thoughts to one side, he watched as she sucked his cock and fingered her pussy. His orgasm began to build, and he knew with the way her body was moving that she was also getting closer to hers. She took him deep.

Thrusting his cock up into her mouth, he gripped the back of her head, moaning as his orgasm washed over him. He filled her mouth, and she swallowed down his cum. Even as he was coming down from his high, Payton cried out her own release, her head resting against his leg as she shook from the power of her orgasm. He stroked her hair, wishing he was balls deep inside her, feeling every ripple, every pulse.

When it was over, their breakfast lay cold on the table. He was still reeling from his feelings for her.

“I had no intention of doing that,” she said, looking up at him.

“Me neither.” He stroked his thumb across her lip, feeling a turning point in his own life. “When I saw you across the floor at that charity event for kids, I knew I was going to have you. I didn’t even know you, nor had I seen your face. Your ass told me the whole story.”

She laughed. “So my ass got me the job and also got me laid? Should I give it a pat as a reward?”

“I have no idea what is happening here, Payton. No idea at all.”

“Let’s not put a label on it, or anything. Can’t we just see where this is going? It hasn’t been all that long.”

“You know about me, about my past relationships?” he asked.

“I know you go through women faster than underwear. I don’t want our time here to be labeled with me forever. Who I sleep with is my business, and I don’t want to advertise it for the world.”

“We’ve been seen together,” he said.

“I know, but neither of us has commented on what it meant.”

He’d seen the newspapers from the restaurant he took her to. The speculation was rife as to what Payton Hicks meant to him.


Monday, two weeks later

The first shoot with Elise was pushed back for two weeks because of some timing conflicts between outfits and photographers. Payton didn’t mind as she was used to things not going according to plan. That was part of her life. Schedules were always changing, as were sets, and even people changed.

The first shoot was to be taken on the main street outside of Hunter’s office building. Elise wanted to start simple, so they had cameras set up in six different places, all being managed by one guy.

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