Antonio was amazing, and she had worked with him many times. Elise and the beauty crew were all there to give any touchups that needed to be set. Today’s shoot was to show off the business wear of Elise’s designs. This was what Payton loved about Elise’s fashion, this entire range went from work, standard, and evening wear. There was lingerie, and even nightwear. Everything was scaled to be an affordable price but quality.

Like always, Rick was on set, keeping an eye on things behind the camera. There were several other models as well. One of them had given Payton the cold shoulder. She didn’t mind. Britney, the other model, was really nice, and she had worked with the other woman before, Claire her name was. They had done a set together for some jeans, and it had been a huge success, and a lot of fun.

At the beginning of the set, Hunter hadn’t showed, and she was more than fine with that. She had spent the past two weekends with him, and their relationship wasn’t just about sex. She was kidding herself to ever think it could have ever been about sex. Not a chance at all.

They had gone to see a couple of movies together, been dancing, or had stayed in, and watched television shows while binging on fast food. He made her laugh, and of course there had been a lot of sex.

Even now, standing out in the cold—the day was really cold considering it was summer—her body was heating at the memory of what his hands and mouth could do. He loved licking her pussy, and he also liked biting her ass.

She had to hold off on the lingerie shoot because she had a Hunter size bruise on her ass where he’d bit her. It had all been playful and fun. There was a chance that he had a bruise himself seeing as she’d bitten his ass as well.

“You okay?” Marcel asked.

Marcel was one of the male models. He was a nice guy, and not totally full of his own ego.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You?”

“It’s bloody cold, but then what do you expect?” Marcel was also British. “It’s great to have a real feel for the shoot though. Work clothes, and entering a business. It works.”

“I know. Elise is fantastic, and when she spoke about what she wanted, I jumped right on it. She felt if you’re going to produce a line of clothing, then you need to market them for everyday use. I agreed with her. Sorry you’re so cold.” She crossed her arms, and rubbed her arms. “The weather did say it was picking up tomorrow.”

“Shame it couldn’t be today. Tomorrow is the comfy winter shot. We’re all going to be boiling our nuts off.”

She burst out laughing. “The trials we must go through for our work.”

“Marcel, hair needs you,” Hunter said, coming toward them.

Smiling at Marcel, she turned to Hunter. “Hey,” she said.

“I trust that you weren’t flirting with Marcel?”

She sighed. “So every person who smiles and has a conversation is now flirting?”

“Marcel is a player.”

“So are you.” She stepped closer to him, angry that he would question her. “I told you there is no one else. Do not be that guy, Hunter.” Stepping away from him, she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Entering the room, she stood at the sink, and released a breath. Their relationship was private, and she didn’t want people to think that she had gotten this job because she fucked the boss.

This was why she never mixed business with pleasure. Working Hunter could be such a dick. When they were alone, he was so sweet, so charming.

“I’m sorry,” Hunter said, entering he bathroom.

“I don’t want to accept your apology. I was talking with Marcel. He’s a fellow model who I’ve worked with before. He’s a genuinely nice guy. I’m not a cheater, Hunter. I don’t pit one man against the other.”

“I know. I’m sorry. The moment I said it, I regretted it. I hate that they can talk to you, touch you, and I have to wait until we’re alone.” He stepped up close to her. He tucked some curls behind her ear. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all morning.”

She placed her hands on his chest. “Then kiss me, Hunter. No one is here to see. Kiss me. I’m all yours.”

He pressed her up against the sink, and his lips were on hers. His kiss was hard, brutal, and so possessive. It was like he was trying to brand her as his own with his kiss alone. She was all his. She didn’t belong to anyone else, and never would. Her body belonged to him.

Hunter made her break all of her rules, and she relished it. One of his hands went to her knee, and began to lift the skirt she was wearing.

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