“You’re aware that no one cares who you are, right? We’re just two people shopping late on a Friday evening.” She put a hand on her hip as they made their way to the abundant meat counter. He just kept on watching her as it was something he enjoyed doing.

Payton was a down to earth woman. She didn’t need all the flowers, the designers, and everything else.

After he had stepped out of the bathroom, Rick had warned him, had told him that he better not play with Payton, to keep it straight with her, as otherwise he would have to deal with him.

According to Rick, men had come and gone, but Payton was different with him, and Rick was worried about that. He didn’t want to see Payton getting hurt, and he knew all about his reputation. Hunter didn’t dispute him either. His reputation had been there long before he met Payton.

He hadn’t been with another woman in some time, a few months before he’d met Payton. Now, no other woman interested him. There was no way anyone else would have ever gotten him inside of a damn supermarket picking up chicken breasts and thighs. He enjoyed spending time with Payton, and not just fucking her either. He enjoyed her company.

After spending an hour in the supermarket, they were carrying their goodies to Payton’s apartment.

She had allowed him to drive his own car back to her place.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asked.

“No. My mother would be very proud of me.”

Here was another thing that surprised him with Payton, he wanted her to meet his parents.

So much for this thing between them just being sex.


Hunter was dressed for sex in the tight jeans and white crisp shirt he was wearing. Payton couldn’t believe how seeing his ass in denim could turn her on, and yet it was. It was official. She was losing her mind over a guy she barely knew.

“You look fine,” he said, coming up behind her.

She had settled on a mid-length skirt and a wraparound shirt. “I’m nervous. I feel badly for putting my friend to one side.” She held his hand. “You’ll be on your best behavior, right?”

“Of course I will. Totally best behavior. You won’t have to worry about me for a single second.”

When the doorbell rang, she stepped out of Hunter’s arms and made her way toward the door. Rick had the code, which was why he didn’t need the buzzer to be allowed in. Opening the door, she smiled.

“Hey,” she said. Rick was there with a beautiful redhead. Just by looking at her, Payton knew she was sweet. “You’re Francine, right? I’m Payton. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She took Payton’s hand, and her cheeks heated. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Rick has said you’re so sweet. I’ve been such a horrible friend to him, and I’m really sorry about that. I was hoping my cooking skills will show you that I’m not all horrible,” she said.

“Nah, she’s just ten percent mean,” Hunter said, coming out of the bedroom. “I’m Payton’s … boyfriend.”

Now that felt incredibly weird hearing him say that. Hunter shook Rick’s hand, and she was sure something was going on with that, but ignored it. He also took Francine’s hand, and gave it a kiss.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Hunter gripped her shoulders, his thumbs rubbing at the tension she was feeling in her back.

“You really didn’t need to go to this much trouble,” Francine said.

“She wanted to meet you, and I’m the one that has been keeping her away, not anything else. I know Rick’s pissed at me about that.”

“I’ve not got a problem with it, Hunter,” Rick said.

“Let me grab you something to drink.” Payton moved into the kitchen, going to the fridge, taking the bottle of wine out. She placed four glasses on a round tray and entered her sitting room. Hunter was standing in the corner, while Rick and Francine were on the sofa.

Putting the drinks on the coffee table, Payton took a seat. “I’m so pleased things are hitting off between you and Rick.”

“I’ve told her that you were the one who encouraged me to go on that date,” Rick said.

“What do you do, Francine?” Hunter asked.

“I work in accounting at the bank. Knowing what Rick does, it was kind of a shock. A manager to a model.”

“Rick and I go back a long way. We’re friends, and at times enemies.”

“Francine has a love of the law as well.”

Payton really didn’t like the tension that was in the room. Glancing over at Hunter, she saw him watching the two, and he kept looking at Francine. This was becoming really awkward.

Before she could say anything to try to cut through the tension, though, Hunter did.

“So, Francine, what kind of job do you do in the bank?” he asked.

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