She began to wiggle on his cock, and he didn’t know if he was going to be able to last being inside her.

Payton was everywhere. She was inside his head, his heart, and she was his drug of choice. He took his time, fucking her ass, getting her to stroke her pussy as he filled her. Neither of them looked away from one another.

Time stood still, and there was no way Hunter could stop his feelings for her. Payton was … perfection. She was his perfect woman.

Her confidence inspired him, and her love was so big. Over the past few weeks, he had watched her with people wherever they went. If they were stopped, she would talk with women and girls. She loved kids, and he’d seen that as well. She was always cooing over a babies and children.

It got him thinking about his own kids. Would he ever have them? With Payton, he could see himself being with her, loving her, having kids, and actually wanting to do something else that wasn’t about work. She was the first woman to make him feel that way, and for him, that meant she was the one.

Slamming his lips down on hers, he filled her ass at the same time she came. They were holding each other, and he knew that he couldn’t let her go. This went way beyond sex.

This was love.


Three days later

Payton wasn’t feeling well at all. She had gone to bed feeling like crap, and waking up, she didn’t feel any better. After showering the sweat from her body, she had hoped it would wake her up, or at least make her a little perky. It had done neither.

“Are you okay?” Rick asked.

“I’m fine.” She released a small burp, which fortunately didn’t make a sound and was only like a rush of air. She hadn’t seen Hunter last night as he had to work late, which wasn’t a problem. She was heading up to Hunter’s office now where he had arranged the small conference with a few of the reporters.

There hadn’t been a single story yesterday in the news, and Rick had locked her social media pages for the time being. Running fingers through her hair, she stared at her reflection, and saw that she looked like shit.

Releasing a breath, she ran her clammy hands down her suit.

“You’re not pregnant, are you?”

She turned to Rick and frowned. “No, I’m not pregnant. It’s nothing. I’ll be fine. I’ve not been sick in a long time. This will pass.” She took several deep breaths, and decided right away not to do that at all. She didn’t need to breathe. Shallow breaths could work, and she would die through lack of oxygen. Maybe death would be easy right now. Her stomach felt like someone was twisting it like you would a cloth.

Reaching out, she held onto the wall, and took some deep breaths.

“Okay, you need to go home, because you look a mess, Payton. This is the worst I’ve ever seen you.”

“Yeah, I’m thinking the sushi yesterday was a bad idea. Thinking about it, you’re not supposed to eat fish if it smells fishy, are you?”

“Crap, Payton. You’ve gone pale, and you’re sweaty.”

“I’m fine. Hunter has done a lot to put this interview together, and I’m not going to let some bad fish ruin it. How are things with you and Elise? Don’t give me that whole, nothing is happening. Hunter and I saw you the other day. You were smooching.” I’m dying.

The stomach cramp eased, and she was able to stand up, but now she felt so cold. Hugging the jacket around her waist, she turned to Rick, focusing on him. She burped again, another soundless one.

Wow, she was sounding less like a lady with each passing minute.

“I like her. She’s not a reporter, and she understands our life. She adores you, and we’re going on a date this Friday.”

“Excellent.” I won’t be alive by Friday.

Another wave of pain rushed over her. “You know, next time I’m not trusting anyone even if they say it’s restaurant quality.”

“If you have food poisoning, that could be really serious.”

She began to laugh. “Oh my, could you read the headline? Plus-size model dies by eating. Wow, that is actually really depressing.”

The elevator doors opened, and yeah, she really wasn’t doing good.

“Holy crap,” Daryl said.

“She’s ill,” Rick said. “This is not going to look good.”

“Oh, please, I’m going to be more than fine. I can handle an interview and stuff. I will be fine.” My stomach is twisting itself into a fucking knot.


There goes being the lady.

Crap, I hope this is not about to explode out of both ends.

Great thought, Payton, really appropriate.

Her mortification would be complete.

“Everything is set up. Wow, fuck, Payton, are you okay?” Hunter asked.

She stared at the man she had fallen helplessly in love with, and in that moment with how damn healthy he looked, she wanted to gut him. “You know, a girl could get a complex as not just one, or two, but three men have that shocked look on their faces.”

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