“I can’t help it.” She took hold of his hand, and gave it a squeeze. “What do we do now?”

“You’re going to rest, and I’m going to keep an eye on you. I think you’re going to be vomiting for a little while longer. I’ll be calling my parents and canceling our visit. I want you safe and well before we travel there.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked, feeling really tired all of a sudden.

“Yeah, I am. Sleep, baby.”

She did.

Chapter Ten

The interview, considering it was really short, was in fact a success. The story of Hunter, the rich billionaire, falling for the plus-size model, had been a huge hit. Hunter was happy that no more negative stories were being written regarding his relationship with Payton.

When his cell phone rang, he saw it was his father calling.

It had been a week since he had canceled dinner, and he had already made plans that weekend as it was the launch that Elise had scheduled.

“Hey, Dad,” he said.

“Hello, son. I just wanted to make sure that you are aware we read the news. We’re old, but we’ve not lost all of our faculties.”

“I know you read the news, and I had hoped for us to be there, but Payton got sick, and I spent all weekend taking care of her.” He knew it was love. There was no way he would have cleaned sick out of her hair repeatedly if it wasn’t love. Hunter didn’t have any doubt that he loved her. From the moment she was sick, he didn’t leave his bedroom, watching her as she slept. He did some work, but every whimper, every movement, he was there, watching, keeping an eye on her.

“Do you love this girl, Hunter? Is it the real deal or is this publicity?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I wanted to know if I should stop your mother from planning your wedding.”

Hunter laughed. “You’re joking?”

“Nope. The bridal magazines arrived in the post. She’s out grocery shopping, and is hoping she can convince Payton to pick her to bake your cake.”

He was in shock. “I’ve never brought a girl home.”

“Exactly. First you wanted us to meet her, and now this interview. No woman has ever been special enough for you to take the time to care. I’ve seen the stuff on the ‘net, and I follow her on all of her social media pages.”

“You’re kidding me, right? I don’t do social media,” Hunter said, feeling really old.

His father burst out laughing. “You really should. It’s a good way to connect to people. She’s a darling, and so is that friend of hers who is there with her. The pictures of the two of you together. I know you, son, this is the real deal, isn’t it?”

“I love her, Dad. She is the real deal for me.”

“Then the wedding?”

He burst out laughing. “I don’t think Payton is ready for that yet, so please try to stop my mother from going crazy.” He shook his head, and finished his call with his father.

Opening the bottom drawer of his desk, he pulled out the velvet box that he had picked out this morning. They had known each other a couple of months, and this was fucking crazy.

He never proposed, or did the whole marriage gig.

Elise entered his office later that day, and she had a key fob in her hand. “Check out some of the shoots. I thought you would totally love to see them.”

He loaded them up on his computer, and began to look through them. They were amazing. “Antonio is really something.”

“Yes. I told him everything that I wanted, and he worked to get it.”

He passed some of Britney, and he stopped on a particular one of Payton. She was in a figure hugging summer dress, strolling through the park. Her head was turned looking at something, and as he stared at her, he just knew there was no one else in the world that he wanted more.

“I’m going to ask Payton to marry me,” he said, standing up.

“What? Wow? Really? Do you think that came from the pictures, the clothes?”

“Nope. It came from the fact that I just love being with her. She is an amazing woman, and I’m damn lucky to have found her.” He grabbed the small box, and his jacket. “Do you know where she is?” he asked.

“Rick mentioned about going over some contracts. They don’t have an office, so they’ll be at her place I think.”

“Great.” He left his office, and made his way down to his car. Opening the door, he climbed inside, and made his way toward Payton’s apartment. When he got there, after dealing with city traffic, he was somewhat anxious.

Buzzing her apartment, he waited.

“Hello,” she said.

“Payton, hi, it’s me. It’s Hunter. I really need to talk to you.” Static came on as she didn’t answer right away. “Payton, baby, it’s me.”

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