Hunter had already told her they were reporting queues that hadn’t been seen in years.

“They are going to love you.”

“What if they don’t? I’m not for everyone.”

“They already know that I want you. I’ve already told them I proposed. I will have to warn you though,” he said.

“What about?” Her parents had adored him. While she had cooked dinner, Hunter had kept them entertained with many of his stories growing up. She loved hearing about him as a boy with the dream of making it big. His dreams had all come true, and so had hers. Rick had told her that offers were flying in, but she had signed a five-year deal with Elise. On opening night she had got talking with Elise, and the other woman had so many plans for the future and for Image Counts. Hunter had put Elise in charge. After what Payton had heard, she wanted to work with Elise, and Image Counts. Rick was also all over it. Anywhere Elise was, he wanted to be, which Payton did find incredibly sweet. They both had hit it off big time.

“My mom.”

She had seen a couple of pictures of his mother. The woman was so small, so delicate, and she looked so sweet.

“She’s planning our wedding, and she was doing it before I even proposed to you.”

Payton started laughing, and when she saw that Hunter was serious the laughter faded. “Wait. Did she think I would say yes?”

“She had seen pictures of us together, and I guess she thought we looked so much in love that she just couldn’t help herself. Are you okay? You look like you’re going to be sick.”

“I’m not going to be sick. It’s kind of amazing to have a mother plan a wedding when you’ve not even asked.”

“In all fairness, she didn’t believe anyone could turn her son down. I’m quite the catch you know.”

“Well the press had a turn around. Payton Hicks is now the most eligible single woman in the country. Well, I’m not really single anymore, but they have been really nice.”

Hunter took her hand, kissing her knuckles. “I knew that the moment that I saw your ass.”

“Is that what we’re going to tell our kids? It all started with my ass?”

“Not if we have a girl. I don’t want her trying to compare, or to have a guy compliment her ass, and think that’s the way it’s going to go. Not on my watch it’s not.”

She laughed as his hands tightened the steering wheel. “Easy there. We’re not even pregnant yet, and you’re already gripping the steering wheel as if it’s a potential boyfriend you’re going to have to slaughter.”

“I guess I’m going to be an overbearing dad then.”

“Probably. I’ll be the cool mom to our daughter, and to our son, I’ll be the irritating nag that will find porn underneath his bed.”

Hunter laughed. “Not every boy has porn.”

“No, but every kid wants porn. They get to that age don’t they when they are so curious.” Payton paused, and started laughing. “I cannot believe we’re having a conversation about our kids, and porn. We’re not even married yet.”

“You’re going to meet my parents. I would say it’s a given.”

She didn’t know how her life was going to be with Hunter, but something told her, she wasn’t going to be sad. He had a way of making her happy even when everything seemed to be falling apart.

With all the bad press surrounding their earlier relationship, she had wondered how they could turn around their bad luck. The ride to his parents’ place went by without a hitch. They discussed their plans. There was so much stuff to work through. Where they would live. Where they would get married. They settled on his apartment, but she wanted to redecorate.

“What’s wrong with my place?”

“It’s great. Honestly, it’s fine, but you don’t have anything that makes it you. You have a show apartment. My place is all me. You can see that it belongs to me, and wherever I live, I want to feel at home, not like I’m about to enter some competition for favorite home, or cleanest home.”

“You can do whatever you want with my place.” He parked the car, and she was climbing out as he grabbed her hand, looking over the ring he’d placed on there.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re about to meet my very neurotic mother, and I just want to make sure that my ring is on your finger.”

“It can’t be that bad,” she said.

The door to his parents’ home opened. His mother and father came out, and she was pulled from his side into their arms. She smiled, and hugged them back, and before she knew what was happening, she was being pulled into their home.

Hunter was laughing behind her, and as soon as she was inside, she was completely bombarded with different wedding dresses, and bridal gowns.

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