“I want you to pick one, and we’ve got three places decided. Obviously, you and Hunter get to pick the final place, but I think we’re almost there,” her mother said.

“Wow, Mom, you really went all out.”

“I know you are both busy, and I don’t want one of those fancy city girls handling your wedding. I want it to be here, or wherever you decide.” His mother pushed her glasses up her nose. “You are a beautiful woman. Plus size, my backside. You are just …”

“She’s perfection,” Hunter said.

Payton turned toward him, and smiled. Every time he said that, it sent her insides to jelly. The love in his eyes was clear for her to see.

“They are so much in love,” his mother said. “Come, come, I made cake.”

“You made a cake as well?”

“I made several cakes.”

They entered his mother’s home, and she wasn’t kidding. A chocolate frosted cake, a white one, a yellow one, and there was even one that looked like the colors of a unicorn.

“I want you to try them all, and to see which one you like.”

“Mom?” Hunter asked. “This is all a little crazy.”

“I warned you, son. You are not leaving until all of this has been decided. I want my wife back.”

“I want my son married, and as soon as possible. I’m not getting any younger, and these doctors do not know what they’re talking about nowadays. They say I’m fine but I can fall over dead at any minute. What way would it be for me if I didn’t at least know their grandmother?”

“Babies now?” Hunter asked.

“You’re not young yourself, son,” his father said. “You know our fellas don’t stay fit forever. You need them to swim, and with all the chemicals they’re putting in our food and water, they could decide to just chill, and not go for its desired swim.”

Payton loved his parents, even as she was having images of sperm taking a relax rather than swimming.

“Come on, dear, this is a lemon sparkle. Do you like that? I love to bake.”

A piece of cake was shoved into her mouth.

The burst of lemon exploded on her tongue. “Wow, that is so nice.”

“Excellent.” His mother then shoved the cake into Hunter’s mouth.

Hunter took hold of Payton’s hand, and she laughed.

“I think we’re going to be trying cake,” she said.

His mother clapped her hands and laughed. “I will get the kettle on. Cake goes so well with tea.”

Sitting next to Hunter, she watched as his parents danced around each other in the kitchen. They weren’t avoiding one another. It was just years of knowing how the other moved. The love between them was clear to see, and the love they had for Hunter was amazing to watch. They loved their son, and they were embracing her.

“Look what I’ve also been knitting in my spare time,” his mother said, bringing in a large wooden hamper. She was pulling it into the kitchen, and she broke wind as she did.

“Mom, please,” Hunter said.

“I’m sure Payton’s heard a woman fart before, and don’t even pretend that you don’t know a woman needs to as well. Damn, that basket is heavy,” she said.

The basket was opened, and inside, Payton fell in love. Knitted cardigans, boots, jumpers, and socks.

“They are so cute.”

“We only want the best for you both, and I’m so happy,” his mother said.

Hunter gripped her shoulder, and she couldn’t help but laugh. This was like a complete dream, a fairytale.

Later that night when they were outside in the garden alone, Payton stared up at the evening sky.

“My family is pretty crazy. I’m sure I told you that before,” he said. “Did you pick one of the dresses? I saw so many in the sitting room.”

“I tried them all on, and your mother helped me to pick. She’s a wonderful woman. Your dad’s amazing as well.”

Hunter kissed her head and turned her. “That’s where it all started for me. In that garden shed right there. It’s how I started making my money, and became the man I am today.”

“Then we need a place with a garden shed, and to have your parents come to visit.” She couldn’t believe she was talking kids with him.

“You know the media are going to be all over our wedding,” he said.

“Let them. I don’t care. I love you, Hunter.”

“I love you, too.”

She snuggled into him, listening as his parents talked in the house. “I’m wondering if you’re still going to love me when I have a saggy ass.”

“I’ll love you even more so.”


The press made a big deal out of their wedding. Hunter didn’t know if it was because of their popularity with Elise’s launch, or the fact he’d opted for a wedding in his hometown, in the same church that his own parents got married in.

The billionaire and plus-size model to marry.

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