She’s clearly got what it takes. Plus-size model snags a billionaire.

All of them were the same, some variation on the theme that out of all the women out there, he’d picked her. His parents organized everything, and even though he was no longer staying at home, on the run up to his wedding, he stayed there all the time. It helped that Payton was also there with them.

The moment the priest declared them husband and wife was one of the happiest moments of his life. Rick and Daryl had arranged for a couple of the press to be there. They had said it would keep the chance of the press crashing the party to a minimum.

Hunter put up with it for ease. It was his big day with Payton, and he intended to spend it all with her.

Finally, it was the party afterward, and he finally had Payton in his arms.

“Now this is the moment I have been waiting for,” he said.

“What moment is that?”

“Having you in my arms. We’ve been putting everyone else’s needs before our own. Now I get to be selfish, and I have a lot of plans for you, my love.”

“My love. You’re being very charming.”

“I should be charming. It’s my wedding day.” He took possession of her lips. “Has our day been everything you’d hope it would be?”

“I never thought I would get married, and our parents get along. Not many couples can say that. Being with you has been one amazing ride after another. I love you so much,” she said. “I never thought for a second I could be this happy.”

He held her close, shutting his eyes. Everyone else faded away, and it was only the two of them. “Whatever you want, Payton, whatever your heart desires, just tell me and it will be yours. You’ve made me the happiest man alive.”

She kissed his neck, and her lips brushed over his ear. “All I want is your love, Hunter. Just that, and I will be a happy woman.”

That was no problem. She already had it, and it had been hers from the moment he first saw her.

The End

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