“You’ll be there?” she asked, biting her lip.

“Only if you want me to. I told you I’d never leave you high and dry, and I won’t.”

Rick had seen how hard it was for her, and when a porn company had called her, and tried to manipulate her into signing a contract, that had been the last straw for him. He’d helped her, and yes, she paid him for it, but he didn’t have to be part of this world.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I think it’ll be good for you to go and see what he’d like. I’d like to know what he wants to see you for.”

“Okay, make the arrangements,” she said.

“I did. This afternoon we’re scheduled for.” He patted her knee and stood up. “My advice, wash.”

She stank, but it didn’t take her long to wash and to get ready for a potential interview. She took a lot of time to figure out what to wear, which was a first for her. She settled on jeans and a shirt that buttoned up. Leaving her hair to cascade down her back, she didn’t bother with makeup, and by three in the afternoon she was riding the elevator up to Hunter’s room.

“You’re a big hit here already,” Rick said.

She had signed her name for three women in reception who had told her that she was an idol, and an inspiration. This was the first time in her life that she was nervous. If Patricia was part of the interview she was leaving, simple as that. That woman didn’t bode well for her, and she didn’t need to sit through such horrible abuse again.

Entering his office, she remembered Daryl and smiled at seeing the man again. He was such a large man that it was impossible to think of him taking orders from Hunter. As if her own thoughts had called him to her, Hunter appeared out of his office. His building was rather impressive.

“Miss Hicks,” he said, coming toward her.

“Payton, please. This is also Rick, my manager.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Hunter,” Rick said.

After all of the introductions were done, they made their way into Hunter’s office.

“I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I have acquired rights to the latest Elise Hamilton range.”

“I’m aware of it. It’s hush hush. No one knows exactly what it’s about.”

“Elise is reaching out to a larger market. She doesn’t just want to do catwalks and boutiques that everyday men and women can’t afford. With careful planning, we are organizing to open an entire wardrobe aimed at that market.” Hunter handed her a large folder. “Here is just a sample of some designs. She already has the summer market, fall, and winter planned out. Our biggest hurdle is finding the right woman to use as a marketing strategy.”

“You think I fit?” she asked.

“You know you fit into this market,” Rick said. “It was what you were all about.”

“I know.”

Hunter smiled. “Elise saw one of your old portfolio pictures.” He also held it up.

Payton remembered it being in the folder she’d sent to Patricia. That woman had been pure evil. Closing the file of amazing designs, Payton could feel her excitement at the venture already beginning to grow.

“I want to say in advance that I am sorry for Patricia’s appalling behavior and attitude toward you. It won’t be happening again.”

“It’s fine. What exactly are you offering?” she asked.

“I want you to spearhead the designs. Your face, your name, your body mixed with Elise Hamilton.”

Rick moved, and she turned toward her friend. This was a massive opportunity. She was aware of Hunter’s own success. Just being offered this chance was a once in a lifetime deal.

“I would like to see the contract. I assume you have one for me to look at,” Rick said.

“Certainly. If you would like to follow Daryl, I can take Payton to go and meet Elise.”

She turned toward Rick. “Are you happy with that?” he asked.

“Yes, I’ll be fine. You go and do what you need to do.” She could handle herself, and Hunter.

Rick left with Daryl, and she stood, handing Hunter back the folder containing all of her images, or at least, the ones she had left with Image Counts.

“Patricia won’t have anything to do with this campaign?”

“She’s not part of my staff anymore.”

“She’s not? I was told that she was the reason Image Counts was still on the map,” she said.

Hunter laughed, and she was shocked by her body’s reaction to him. Her nipples went hard, and her pussy slick. Down, girl. If she took this contract, then this wouldn’t happen, not ever.

“You and I both know, Payton, that slowly but surely Patricia’s ideals were destroying Image Counts.”

She shrugged. “I know her point of views. I’ve heard a lot of talk from some of the other models that don’t think I’m making a mockery of their livelihood.”

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