“It sounds like you’ve encountered a lot of bitchy attitudes.”

“I have. This is not an easy environment to be in.” She locked her hands together. “Would you like to take me to see Elise?”

“Yes, certainly.” He placed a hand on her back, and they left his office. Heading toward the elevator, they stepped inside. The heat of his hand was making it hard for her to think. It had been a long time since she was with a man, and she just felt drawn to Hunter. She didn’t know why. He was a businessman like all of the others, but the hunger in his eyes, it called to her.

“Did you always want to be a model?” he asked.

She glanced toward him. “I don’t know what I wanted to be. I guess … I don’t know … I think this was a calling to me. After my sister died.”

“You have a sister?”

“She passed away. Bethany.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. It was a few years ago now. I guess you can say she was the one that inspired all of this.”

The elevator doors pinged open, and Hunter led the way to what she felt was going to be a new chapter in her life.

Chapter Three

“She’s amazing,” Elise said, walking around Payton. Hunter watched as the woman he really wanted to fuck chuckled.

“This is new.”

“I have so many different kinds of clothes I want you to try on.”

Payton held her hand up. “Rick’s checking things over. There’s nothing guaranteed at all.”

“Please, just look through some of the stuff, and maybe try a few items on. This has been a dream come true of mine for a long time.”

“Ugh, you really know how to pull on the heartstrings,” Payton said.

Hunter just loved having her near him. They had only been in each other’s company a couple of occasions, and she made him smile. He wanted to know more about her. She was a private person for someone being on social media.

Elise was enjoying her company, and for well over twenty minutes they were going over several of the outfits until finally Payton caved, and went to try on a dress. It was a simple cocktail dress, but one that would suit any occasion for the working woman.

“You are like the best person in the world if you can land Payton. After getting her details I called around. She is so nice. Did you know that?”

“Well of course she’s nice.”

“No, I mean photographers, designers, organizers, PAs, you name it, they all have something good to say about her. Not one person had anything bad. She is like the dream person to work for.”

“Payton has always been nice,” Rick said, finally joining them with Daryl in tow. “She doesn’t like to make waves or cause trouble. Where is she?”

“She’s trying something on. I’ll go see how everything is,” Elise said.

Hunter turned to Rick.

“Who are you to her?” Hunter asked.

“I’m sure you’re aware we’re close. She’s my best friend, and I will do everything to protect her and keep her safe. This contract is a standard one. Payton doesn’t do nudity, but is willing to do lingerie. That is the extent of her nudity. Her personal space will be covered at all times.”

“We’ve already agreed to that,” Daryl said. “Elise was specific that she didn’t feel this needed nudity or seduction to sell.”

“That’s fine.”

“Also, the exclusivity part has to be changed. She has commitments. She doesn’t work through an agency of any kind as she likes to take time for charity work, and the causes she’s with. Payton is free to come and go as she pleases, and to take the opportunities that are open to her. She does a great deal of charity work. She’ll want to continue that. She will work exclusively for you, providing she is free to maintain that work, which she doesn’t get paid to do.”

Hunter thought about it. “I can work with that. Will I be able to control the kinds of charity you take part in?”

“No. I work with a lot of people, and it means everything to me. I don’t wish to be told where to go,” Payton said, coming up behind Elise. “It’s something Rick and I feel strongly about. I like being able to work on the projects that inspire me. If I’m forced into something I don’t agree with, I won’t feel connected to it, and I see that as a failure. I have one life, and I intend to live it the way I like.”

He wondered if this had something to do with the passing of her sister.

She held her hands out and gave a turn. “What do you think?” Her gaze was on Rick, which he didn’t like.

For a simple cocktail dress, she gave it new meaning as it melded to her curves, enhancing her hips and rounded stomach. His cock was already tightening. Damn it. He wanted to punch Rick in the face, and it was just the first outfit.

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