“Is this one of the designs?” Rick asked.

When he looked at Rick, who was looking up and down at Payton. There was no sexual heat, no need. Nothing. How could the man not be affected by the woman? Hunter was struggling to think of a way to keep her close.

“It is. It’s amazing, right?”

“You look good, Payton. Some shots of you walking down a busy street. Man, they will really go to town on this.”

He watched as Payton clapped her hands. “Elise has already been telling me about the plans. I don’t think a closed set with a green room would work. I know some people who can do the more natural shot. If you’re willing to branch out that is.”

“Payton was letting me what she loved about the designs. It’s always great to get some good feedback. This is what I want to do, and I asked Payton if she was willing to do everything to create a more lively and natural shot,” Elise said, and she already had a notebook already.

“I have a feeling you’re going to cost me a lot of money,” Hunter said. The passion in her eyes was what he intended to have in his bed.

“I’ll also make you a lot of money as well, Hunter. What do you say? Do you accept my terms?” Payton asked.

“On one condition.” He knew Elise and Daryl were looking at him as if he had gone crazy. Hunter already knew from what he’d heard, Payton’s willingness to work with Elise’s ideas were going to bring in a shit ton of profit.

“What is your condition?” she asked, folding her arms over her chest, and waiting.

“It’s a simple one. I want you to have dinner with me.”

She tilted her head to the side.

“No, you don’t have to do that,” Rick said.

Payton held her hand up. “Dinner?”

“I want to discuss more about this venture with you. I will accept all of your terms.”

She chuckled. “I will have dinner with you.”

“Excellent. Tonight, it is then.” He stared at the dress. “How about you wear that?”

“Oh, that would be so good,” Elise said. “No one will know what you’re wearing. This will be awesome.”

“I’d love to.”

Hunter nodded, and looked toward Rick. “I will let you talk over the contract. If there is anything else you need to discuss, call me or Daryl. We’ll be happy to help you. When you’re ready, Elise will see you out.”

He made his way back toward the elevator with Daryl rushing after him.

“You never cave to a contract,” Daryl said. “Nor do you take your clients out to dinner this early in the game.”

“Well, none of those clients are women that I want.”

“Hunter, think about this.”

“She’s not an employee. Not really. She’s her own person, and I would never push something if she didn’t want it.” He’d seen that smile and the way she looked him up and down. There was interest there, but she tried to hide it.

Alone in the elevator with her, it had taken all of his strength to not just take her, press her up against the wall, and fuck her hard.

“I would advise against it. I did some investigating, and she is an all-around nice woman, Hunter. She doesn’t fight or argue. When she is on set she gets the job done even if the photographer has her doing multiple shots from the same angle and facial expressions. She is known for being hard working and nice.”

“Harold told me that as well.”

“She’s also big on charity work. There are many foundations she’s affiliated with, and raises money for.”

“Everything I’m hearing about is making me like her a whole lot more.” When they were back on their floor, he asked what the day’s schedule was, and then got ready to finish handling some calls. He was always busy, and rarely had any time to party.

The party events he did go to were a way of negotiating business, or being the face of the company. Sitting back in his chair, he woke up his computer from its little sleep, and there she was still on his screen. Payton.

His cock thickened, and he knew without a doubt he was going to have that woman in his bed. It wasn’t just sex he wanted though. He wanted to know her, to find out every little secret, and learn everything he could. What secrets did she hide?

Her curves were just an extra bonus. He loved a woman with some meat on her bones, and had rarely been attracted to a woman who ate salad all the time. Thinking of food, he quickly booked an Italian restaurant, seeing as it was her favorite, and then tried his hardest to push thoughts of her aside. Work still called, and his dick would have to wait.


Elise had given her the dress and told her to rock it. Payton stared at her reflection, and was nervous. It was strange. This wasn’t the first date she had been on, but then was it a date, or was this a working dinner? Either way, it didn’t matter because she intended this to be strictly professional.

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