As if I had a choice. There was no stopping, not now, not when I was so deep in her slick pink.

“Come for me, Stella. I own this body. Now I want it to come.”

“Sinclair.” She thrashed her head from side to side.

I couldn’t tell if she was refusing me or lost in her own passion. Either way, she needed to focus on me. I gripped her hair and forced her to meet my eyes.

I plunged into her, my skin slapping into her with each vicious strike. The sound reverberated around the room. I fucked her like an animal, vicious and base. Her moans spurred me on harder and faster.

I gripped her hair tightly, the fine strands catching on my fingers. I wanted her to feel nothing but me, think nothing but me. “You’re mine. Come for me Stella. Now.”

At my words, her pussy convulsed and she cried out my name in a river of release. The sound was unbearable. I pulled from her and lashed her clenching flesh with ropes of cum. My release was ripped from me, my body seizing from head to toe as I fisted my length and coated her with my seed. Her gaze was fastened on me as I came. There in her eyes was something I never even imagined to see. It was possessive, proud even.

When my last ounce of cum rested on her perfect skin, I sat up and let my head fall back. I gulped in deep breaths as she panted beneath me.

“That was, that was…” She sputtered beneath me, her eyes glassy.

“I know,” I said.

As I stared at the ceiling, invisible guilt and responsibility crashed down on me. What had I done? Weren’t things already complicated enough?

“Don’t do that.” Her voice was soft now, the release liquefying her tension.

“Do what?”

“Regret it. Regret me.”

How could I not?

A sound like a gunshot echoed around the room, then another. I snapped my head back down. Lucius stood in the doorway, slow clapping. I fell back, grabbed my coat from the floor, and covered Stella.

“Very nice, big bro. I’m going to have to go rub one out after that.”

Stella covered her face with both hands.

“Don’t be shy, Stella. I really enjoyed the whole show. Your tits are, in a word, epic. And I can only imagine how sweet that pussy is for Sin here to bust a nut so quickly.”

“Get out.” I stood and yanked my pants up.

“I was just up for a midnight snack, is all. You can’t blame me for making sure there wasn’t a burglar. You know, the kind that fucks really loudly before robbing the place blind.” He smirked. I hated it, mostly because it was almost the perfect mirror of mine.

I advanced on him. He backed away laughing. “I’m going. Because, seriously, going to have to stroke it before I can even think of sleeping again. I’ll, of course, have to replace you with me in the reenactment, but I’m sure you understand.”

I stalked toward him, ready to murder my own blood. How fitting.

He turned on his heel and disappeared down the hallway, his smug laugh shredding my already non-existent composure.

I returned to Stella and used my coat to clean her off. She draped an arm over her tits and then pushed her skirt down to cover herself. When she sat up and turned to get her shirt, I saw the scars on her back.

My guts wrenched, the memory of that night making my stomach churn and bile rise into my throat. So much pain. Her blood had soaked into my clothes. As soon as the spotlight was gone and the ballgoers’ attention was turned elsewhere, I’d carried her out, clutched closely to my breast. I couldn’t bear for anyone else to touch her, look at her. Her blood soaked through the vining cloak, painting everything a gruesome crimson and scenting the air with copper.

Her blood still covered my hands, though only I could see it. And now I’d taken even more from her. Remorse wasn’t an option for me, not anymore. I’d set out to be this, to do this, to become the monster I had to be.

I reached out and ran my hand across one of the marks. She froze and glared at me over her shoulder. The accusation in her eyes was warranted, more than fair. It still struck me hard, embedding in my chest and spreading its barbs into my heart.

She yanked her top down, hiding what I’d done to her. Her cheeks were red, shame or some other emotion tingeing them with rose.

“It’s time for you to make good on your promise. I want to see my father and stepbrother.”

“What? Now?” I hadn’t seen that coming. I should have.

“Yes. You said you’d arrange it when I asked. So, I’m asking.”

I didn’t want them here, poisoning her against me. Though that was a ridiculous thought. I was doing it plenty well on my own.