“I’m not so interested in dancing. Do you mind if we skip       it?”

He didn’t bother to answer, just wrapped his hand around hers       and pulled her through the dancers and up the two flights of stairs to their       suite.

The windows were open as he worked the buttons on the back of       her dress free. Darius Montagne’s sexy rasp floated on the air up to them.       Rocco’s curse as his fingers fumbled over the tiny buttons made her smile.

“Mario again.”

He continued doggedly, until he had most of them undone, then       pushed the dress off her shoulders to fall in a pool of silk in the moonlight.       She disposed of his jacket, shirt and tie as fast as her hands could move.       Impatient with her lack of speed, even at the rate she was going, Rocco undid       his belt and pushed the rest of his clothes off until there was only his       magnificent, olive-skinned body to ogle.

He didn’t give her much of a chance to do so, swinging her up       into his arms and depositing her on the rose petal–covered bed. He took his       time, lavishing every centimeter of her body with sensuous kisses until she was       arching up against him, begging for his possession. His name a soft cry on her       lips, he slid his hand between her thighs, prepared her for him and brought the       tip of his impressive erection exactly where she needed him.

“Ti amo,” he murmured as he possessed her body and       soul. He said it over and over again, as if he couldn’t say it enough, until his       kiss captured her scream and forever with him was all she could see.

I love you, too, my dragon slayer. She wound her arms       around his neck and laid her face against his chest. Because sometimes you       needed to fight your own battles, and sometimes you needed a warrior to help you       along your way.

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