I meet his gaze. “I just want clarification. Are you a man who wants a woman to suck his cock right now, or are you a master punishing your slave?”

If the look on his face didn’t tell me I’m the most vexing woman he’s ever met, the pronounced rise and fall of his chest as he clearly struggles with his desire to strangle me certainly would.

“You want me to fuck you, Meg?” he finally asks, dropping his hands from the wall and grabbing my hips. “Is that what you want?”

“Not right now, no,” I say, but he’s already pushing my panties down my legs, and my pussy is reacting to the dominance.

“You don’t want me?” he asks, pressing his erection between my legs anyway.

“I don’t want to be used by you,” I correct, bringing my hands up to push against his chest.

“What if I want to use you?” he asks, leaning in to nip at my earlobe.

“I won’t stop you,” I state as he uses his knee to nudge my legs farther apart.

“Good,” he says, making quick work of unbuttoning his pants.

I swallow, unprepared for him to grab my ass and lift me. I try to reach for something to hold onto, but there’s nothing. He enters me hard and I groan, slick but not prepared. Bracing me against the wall, he holds me suspended in the air, his cock pounding relentlessly between my legs. This isn’t for pleasure; he’s just making a point, staking a claim of ownership. Despite his attempt to reprimand me, each deep plunge brings me closer to a climax.

“You like that?” he asks roughly, thrusting deep. “Is this what you wanted?”

Still annoyed with him, I say, “Eh, a little to the left.”

A bark of laughter surprises me, but he’s shaking his head with a hint of genuine mirth as he shifts his hips and drives into me.

I gasp, throwing my head back against the wall, and boy does he look proud of himself.

“Better?” he asks, so damn smugly.

I want to keep talking, but I can’t, because oh my lord, the friction. “Don’t stop,” I breathe, moving my hips to meet his thrusts.

So of course he does. He pulls out of me, lets me down, and I stare at him, betrayed.

“I just said—”

He turns me around and bends me over. I grab onto the wall, spreading my legs, and before I can finish complaining, he’s entering me again. God, he feels so good.

“How about that?” he asks.

“If you stop this time, I’m going to wrestle you to the ground and ride your cock until you let me come.”

“Jesus Christ,” he mutters, but he doesn’t stop. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Don’t stop fucking me,” I return, pushing harder against the wall, as the force of him fucking me is running me dangerously close to a concussion.

Mateo buries his cock inside me over and over, again and again, until finally I’m rocked by an intense wave of pleasure. “Oh my god,” I cry between moans, riding out my orgasm as he continues to fuck me. Weak from release, I lose my grip on the wall, but I grab it again and try to stand long enough for him to finish. He does, a minute later, right inside me.

I’m startled at first, but I guess there wasn’t really time to grab a condom.

Once he recovers from his own orgasm, he spins me around, tugging my dress down, and gives me a deceptively gentle kiss.

“So… dinner?” I ask.

Cracking a smile, he shakes his head. “Go to my room. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

“Oh… okay.”

“Bring water. We’re going to need it,” he states.

Chapter Ten

I’m dragging ass Monday morning as I go about my cleaning routine.

It never occurred to me that maybe Mateo hadn’t fucked me yet because he might not have time, but after losing an entire night in bed with him and only making it back to my own an hour before Lily woke up, I’m starting to consider the possibility.

Apparently, the man is insatiable.

I’m not complaining. Unless I have to sit down. Then my muscles get a little pissed, but all things considered, I’m more pleased than displeased.

When I head downstairs for lunch, I’m surprised to see Mia sitting in the foyer, playing on her phone.

“Hey,” I say, glancing around to see if Vince is with her.

Leaping from the bench, she runs over and hugs me. I’m completely unprepared for it, but I hug her back, despite my utter confusion.

“I am so sorry,” she says.

Blinking at her, I ask, “For what?”

Her pretty face clouds with confusion and she frowns. “For last night? I shouldn’t have suggested that. I just thought—”

“Flirting with Joey?” I ask, trying to catch up.

“Yes. I should’ve known he wouldn’t be a normal person—”

I stop her. “No, that was a good idea. It worked. Good call. I mean, it might’ve been nice if he didn’t require pissing him off to get him going, but hey, whatever works. Is that, like, his thing, you think? Am I going to have to piss him off every time?”

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