“I’m older than her,” Isabella informs me.

“And you also have to go to sleep,” Mateo informs her.

“But Audrey doesn’t want to,” she says, holding up her doll to show him. “See, she says no.”

“Good thing I don’t take orders from dolls,” he states.

“I thought her name was… Marcella?” I ask.

“It was Monicella, but I changed it,” she informs me. “We should get them some pajamas next time we go.”

“Agreed,” I say with a nod.

“We should take Daddy there.”

I look at him, my eyes mockingly wide. “I would pay good money to see your daddy in the American Girl doll store. I second that.”

“I’m completely comfortable with my masculinity, I can handle a doll store,” he informs me. “We’ll go this weekend, get your dolls some pajamas. But right now…”

I climb back off the bed, dragging a giggling Lily with me. “Off to bed with you two.”

Getting them off the bed is the hard part, then they’re padding down the hall with their bare little feet and matching Cinderella nighties. Once I get them both tucked in, good night kisses delivered, I hustle down the hall back to Mateo’s bedroom—my bedroom now, I guess.

He’s sitting there amongst the pillows, hands crossed behind his head, looking all smug like he can read my mind. It doesn’t even lessen how much I want to jump his bones.

Kicking the door shut, I leap up on the bed and attack him with my face.

He laughs against my mouth, his arms encircling my waist. “What’s this for?”

I pull back just enough to give him a dry look. “I think you know.”

“I’m as clueless as can be.”

“There’s literally nothing sexier than a man being a good dad. Looking at you in these suits every day? Super hot. Your scary, dangerous mob boss thing? Fine, okay. But you snuggling our daughters and reading them a bedtime story? Holy shit. Get your cock inside me right now, Morelli.”

“You’re my favorite person in the world,” he states, shaking his head as he yanks me down onto the bed and climbs on top of me.


A thrill soars through me at the sight of him hovering above me, an adorable, playful smile on his face before he swoops down, his lips moving to his favorite spot—my neck. I love that he’s a neck kisser. He lets his teeth graze my skin briefly before dropping a kiss right in that spot, like he’s making up for even a hint of roughness.

Mateo’s hand moves under the red satin of my nightie, sliding between my legs. I did not bother with panties tonight, and he smiles, pleased, as his finger easily moves inside me. When his fingertip grazes my clit, I moan softly, my back arching away from the bed.

“You like my hands on you, don’t you?” he murmurs into my ear.

“Oh, yes,” I say, my hold on his back tightening as he moves a second finger inside me.

“Tell me how much.”

His thumb moves in circles around my clit, spreading pleasure everywhere. “So much. I love the feeling of your hands all over my body. You make my heart race, Mateo Morelli—and not for the reason most people’s hearts probably race around you,” I add, smirking.

With his free hand, he yanks my nightie up around my waist, dipping to leave a searing trail of kisses down my stomach. His fingers withdraw and he sits back, yanking his shirt off and tossing it off the bed. Then he’s between my legs, his hot breath on the inside of my thigh. I clutch the pillow in anticipation, and a moment later his tongue is inside me, flicking against my clit and sending jolts of pleasure all through my body. Particularly ravenous tonight, he has me arching off the bed as an orgasm rocks me in about a minute.

“Jeeze,” I mutter, falling against the bed and watching him unbuckle his belt, tossing it behind him, and unzip his pants.

“Still want my cock?” he teases.

“So, so much.”

“I can make that happen,” he says lightly, sinking against me, positioning himself between my legs.

“What can’t you make happen?” I return with a roll of my eyes.

“Rain, probably.”

I start to laugh, but then he pushes inside me and all traces of amusement are quickly pushed out to make room for desire. He fills me slowly, capturing my lips with his. I wind my arms around his neck to keep him close as he moves his hips, easing out before pushing inside of me. I love the slow torment sometimes, but tonight it’s killing me. I need more. Harder. Faster.

Thankfully, I don’t have to wait too long. Once he’s satisfied that he won’t hurt me, he hikes my legs up and thrusts deep. His unyielding hips pound into mine again and again, pushing me closer and closer with each deep stroke. He claims me with every part of him—his mouth, his hands, his cock.

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