There’s no ignoring them now.

I’m aching to get close as possible, skin to skin. Not only for the sake of pleasure, but because I want to be connected in the one way we haven’t been yet. I want to feel his breath on my neck, his voice in my ear, hear his heartbeat against mine.

I want to care for his needs the way he’s cared for mine.

“Ryan…” My breath comes faster. I’m nervous, but I want him to touch me so badly, I take the leap. “I want to be with you.”

Hope enlivens his face and he searches my eyes, scrutinizing, making sure. Whatever he finds has him whispering a prayer of thanks and hauling me off the table. Striding toward the bedroom…



I’m a man who has been rescued from sea.

My lungs are at full capacity for the first time since I met Jessie.

Oh I wouldn’t change a moment of the last thirteen years for anything, but God, I’ve been half alive without her full trust—and she’s just given it to me. Freely. Against all odds, I’ve earned her confidence and now I’ll obsess her just as she’s obsessed me. Already her body senses the pleasure I can provide, can’t it?

On our way to the bedroom, her legs are wrapped around my hips and she’s working her little pussy all over the aching flesh in my jeans, her mewling noises ringing in my ears. I’m desperate to throw her down, shove my cock inside her as deep as she can take me and blow like a hurricane until I’m empty of this frustration, but I’ll have to live with the pain a while longer. I’ll live with it until she’s not only satisfied, but addicted to my fuck.

I’ve been with no other woman, but just like I’ve honed my body and resources to provide for and protect Jessie, I’ve learned how to please. I’ve watched videos and read enough material to teach a fucking semester on stimulating her female body into an orgasm and I can’t wait to use my knowledge on Jessie—only ever Jessie—for the rest of my life.

I lay her down in the center of the bed and strip off my shirt, triumphant in the way she looks at me, breathless and wide-eyed. I slap my pecs and stomach to show her how rock hard I’ve made them in her honor and she comes to her knees, undoing the fly of my jeans with shaking hands. “I want to see all of you. I want you to…to…”

“What, princess? I can do it all.”

“I guess I just like the dirty way you’ve been speaking to me. I like you…dirty. Like this.”

“Ah, Jessie.” I help her lower the zipper of my jeans. “You have no idea what a filthy motherfucker I’ve been.” She starts to stiffen, but I shake my head. “But only in my imagination and with my own hand. I’ve never laid a finger on another woman. I never will.” I take her hand and shove it inside my jeans, making a guttural sound when she wraps her fist around my dick. “My cock exists for you alone. To give and receive pleasure from just Jessie. You made it hard for the first time and it’s never had an orgasm where I wasn’t picturing you or some part of you. Your tits, your mouth, your hips, your hands. That’s Jessie’s cock.”

While I’ve been talking, her breaths have grown shallow, her pupils dilated. “I want it inside me. Please. Hold me down and put it inside me.”

“Oh no, princess.” I take the hem of her red dress and tug it up, leaving it gathered around her waist. “I’ve been dreaming of getting my tongue in that cunt since before I knew why I wanted it there. Lie down and get licked.”

I’ve never seen her move so fast. Apparently she wasn’t lying when she claimed to like me dirty. Thank God she feels that way, because I’ve got over a decade worth of filth that’s been dying to get out. Fantasies I want to enact with her, if she’ll let me. Bad ones.

Real bad.

Jessie on her back is the stuff of fantasies. Her knees are raised, so I can see where her thighs turn into that sick, little ass, only partially covered by panties. Her fingers twist in the sheets, her tits heaving nervously. Wanting to calm her nerves and leave only lust behind, I part her legs slowly and kiss my way down her smooth inner thighs. When her airy, feminine scent hits my nose, I fight the urge to pounce and lick her ripe, virgin pussy until she comes and comes and comes again, but I command myself to use patience.

Finally, I reach the barrier of her panties and hook a finger in the material to tug them to one side—and there’s her rosy slit of dewy flesh, waiting just for me.

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