“I’ve memorized every surface of the house where you’ve sat down. I know every spot this pussy has landed. Cherished goddamn landmarks are what they are.” I lower my head and place a soft kiss on her mound. “I’ve rubbed my dick all over every one of them.”

“Ryan,” she gasps, her fingers riffling through my hair and clinging, unleashing the fiercest kind of lust and euphoria inside of me. “D-did you really do that?”

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg, princess,” I say hoarsely, finally dipping my tongue between her folds and tasting heaven. Sugar sweet heaven. “I’ve been a very bad man, but I’m going to eat this little peach so well, you’re not going to care. You’ll just beg for more of the bad man’s tongue.”

“I’m begging for it now,” she says on a winded exhale.

Before she’s finished speaking, I’ve ripped off her panties and shoved my face up against the altar where I’ll worship from now on. Christ, she’s wet and quivering and bare, so fresh I want to take a bite. Devour her so I alone can declare ownership. Mine. My Jessie. Mine.

I’m muttering those words as I rub my nose and chin and lips into the virgin trench of her pussy, allowing my tongue to come out and play. The taste of her combined with her whimper of my name turns my cock to steel and I hump the edge of the bed feverishly, like a dog in heat, my panting mouth busy at work uncovering her clit and laving it reverently.

Her legs find their way over my shoulders and I yank her butt up off the bed, toward my face, my chin and cheeks covered in her delicious wetness. This is paradise. The Promised Land. Jessie is whining and tugging me toward her pussy and I never want to be anywhere else. God, she’s a thing of majesty, her hips undulating to meet my licks, her honey-coated flesh trembling more with every swipe of my tongue. Knowing I have to prepare her for my cock, I put her back down on the bed and work my middle finger into her clenching hole, finding her even tighter than expected, and the discovery makes me fuck the bed so hard it starts to ram into the wall.

“Goddamn!” I roar, my mouth frantic, tracing down to her puckered asshole and nibbling on it, like a sweet, little cookie. “Can’t even get my tongue into this thing,” I rasp, pushing the tip of my tongue uselessly against her back entrance. “You’ll escape a good, hard ass fucking for a while, princess. Gotta break in that cunt first, don’t we? But I’m going to tap it hard sooner or later. Tap your tight ass until you call me Daddy.”

Her pussy seizes up around my finger and I add a second one, looking up to find her back arched off the bed. Oh yeah, she likes me filthy all right. I close my lips around the bud of her clit and twist my fingers inside her until I discover that coarse spot inside of her, tickling and teasing it until she pops like a firecracker.

“Ryan!” Her hips thrash around beneath me and I pin them down with a forearm, finger fucking her with my opposite hand and lapping at her swollen clit. My God, she’s the most exquisite thing in this world—and she’s coming for me. Mine mine mine mine fucking mine. “Oh Jesus. Oh God. Oh God!” Jessie screams at the top of her lungs. “Ryan, please!”

I have a feeling she has no idea what she’s asking for, but I’m already mounting her—because I know exactly what she needs. What we both need. “Say Ryan and don’t stop saying it. I want to hear my name turn into a scream on your lips. I want to hear it break in your throat. I want you to chant it while I ride this sleek-ass body.”

“Ryan,” she moans. Then, when I fist my cock and plunge the head into her tight, drenched hole, she says it louder. “Ryan.” I yank down the top of her dress, wanting to watch her tits shake while I fuck her and finally, finally, I drive my hips forward, baring my teeth on a bellow so loud I drown out her scream of my name.

“FUCK,” I grind out, almost releasing on the spot. Tight, so tight. So perfect, she’s almost unimaginable. And God, her face glows, her beautiful neck arched. It’s the best moment of my life, being inside Jessie. “Are you okay, Jessie?” I drop down to kiss her mouth, cheeks, eyelids. “Does it hurt too bad, baby?”

“No. No, there’s pressure, but I like it.” Her thighs squeeze my hips, body writhing beneath me. “Oh wow. Wow. Y-you feel huge.”

My obsession with her swells like a hot-air balloon busting free of the ropes that have been keeping it tethered. Looking down between our bodies, I watch the wide trunk of my dick push apart her pussy folds with measured thrusts. She can only take about half of me and I don’t need any more than that. No, she’s utter perfection, her cunt making little sucking sounds every time I pump, her innocent gasps making my balls desperate to drain themselves. “You still want filthy, Jessie?”

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