“Yes,” she whines, her fingernails digging into my shoulders. “I want it. I want it.”

“Good.” I drop my mouth to her ear and lick it slowly, top to bottom. “I did feel your virginity rip, princess. It made me come a little. Did you notice your pussy getting fuller?”

“A little,” she breathes, her flesh flexing around me.

“Good. Did you know I come a little in my pants every time you moan over a bite of food or bend over to tie your running shoes? I come in my pants when you wear that matching bra and panties set. The white one with the red bows. At the end of the day, my briefs are full of come stains and you put them there.”

She struggles to take my cock deeper, her mouth opening in a pleasured O when she manages to let me sink in another inch. “How…Ryan, how do you know about that matching bra and panties set?”

I scrutinize her face closely, searching for signs of fear, but I see nothing but excitement. A spark of breathless mischief, even. And fuck it, I want her to know. I’m full to brimming with this wild infatuation and I can’t hide it anymore. “I watch you. I see every fucking thing you do.” I give her my full weight, pinning to the mattress and grinding my cock into her narrow, constricting passage. “I’m not just your best friend. I’m your stalker. And now, I’m your God.” I reach down and massage her clit with the pad of my thumb, all the while maintaining a steady thrust and grind, watching it turn her eyes visionless. “Aren’t I, princess? You’re going to let me stalk and obsess over you, as long as I feed you this cock every night.”

Despite her visible excitement, she wants to ask more questions, but I’m too eager for more proof of her satisfaction.

My thumb exerts more pressure on her clit, moves faster and she begins to squirm wildly, her tits starting to shine with sweat. Jesus Christ, she’s more beautiful like this than I fantasized, her sobs breaking in her throat, her thighs jerking around my hips.

“Give me an answer,” I rasp, dipping my head to nip and suck on the skin beneath her ear. “Will you let me continue acting fucking insane over you…” I thrust my cock faster, harder, sensing the scream building in her throat. “If I keep this pussy creamy?”

An orgasm wracks her body and I treasure every tremble, every gasp for air, every tightening of her muscles beneath me. “Yes! S-stalk me. Just don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

“Good girl,” I croon in her ear, my own release beginning to crest. “You made the only choice.” I continue to massage her clit until she’s boneless beneath me, then I reach back with both hands and yank her knees up higher around my waist and…and fuck…oh fuck. I can’t slow down. My hips slam down between her thighs over and over. My balls hurt so goddamn bad and I’m so close. Spikes dig into my lower back and travel inward, turning my cock to a pinnacle of pain and I fall onto Jessie, growling into her neck and pumping inside of her sweet cunt for everything I’m worth. “Take my come, baby. Take my come. I only make it for you.”

I meet her eyes just in time to catch another spark of her exhilaration. She likes this wild side of me, she likes me insane and filthy over her. In time, I’ll make her love it.

Maybe I’m lucky and she already does.

My release doesn’t creep up on me slowly, it demolishes. Four of my senses cease to function, leaving only touch. The feel of her little pussy rhythmically seizing up around my dick. Again. And again. Pressure leaves my balls, rifling up my stalk of flesh and firing into Jessie’s dripping fuck hole and I pound, pound, pound. I can do nothing but pound into her like my life depends on it. It just might. If I don’t get every drop into her body, I think I’ll lose what’s left of my mind. Fuck it into her. Get her pregnant.


Goddamn, it seems to take hours before I’ve relieved the ache in my loins and spurted the final ounce into Jessie. I fall on top of her with a groan, fulfillment spreading throughout my insides, seeping into my bones.

“I love you,” I whisper into her hair, turning on my side and taking her with me. “Oh my God, I love you so much.”

She’s quiet, but slowly, she clings to me, rubbing her face in my chest hair.

“You’re going to want to freak out,” I say, kissing her forehead. “But we’ll get through it together. Okay? I’m permanent, princess. We’re permanent.”

After a moment, she nods.

I wait until I feel her go weightless with sleep and then I follow her.

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