“I love you. Being everything to you is my life’s work, princess. I crave it.”

I set her backside down on the kitchen table, upsetting the cutlery when I punch my hips forward into the juncture of her thighs, memorizing the sound of her moan. “It doesn’t feel like you’re mad at me,” she says in a choked voice.

“No, Jessie. I could never be. I was coming to find you. To remind you nothing will get rid of me. Nothing will make me any less—”

“Obsessed with me?”

“That’s right.” I lick into her mouth for a kiss, but when she tries to respond in kind, I bite her lower lip, making her whimper. “I hope you’re ready for everything that comes with being married to the man you’ve driven insane.”

“I am. I am.”

Wanting no secrets between us, nothing between us, I lift her off the table and cross the bathroom, setting her down beside the medicine cabinet against the wall. Maintaining eye contact with her, I remove it from its hooks and let her see the holes in the sheetrock, through which I’ve been spying on her for years.

I don’t know what I expect, but it’s not for her to moan and reach for the fly of my jeans. Her hands are shaking and I’ve never seen her so open, so vulnerable. She’s letting me see her naked need and my cock responds eagerly, hungry to fulfill it.

“Ryan,” she sobs, pulling down my zipper. “Ryan. Ryan. I can’t stop shaking.”

Instinct moves me. Instinct where this woman is concerned. My hand lifts and closes around her throat, carefully pinning her to the bathroom wall. “Shhhh. Talk to me.”

Her eyelids droop, her trembling decreasing little by little. “I don’t know how to describe it. Like I’ve been keeping my feelings inside for so long and now I can’t control them. I want you so bad it hurts.”

My lust is going to burn me alive if she keeps talking like this. “I know a little something about wanting someone so bad it hurts,” I say, my hand dropping from her throat.

“Show me,” she whispers, pulling down the bodice of the red dress and shoving it down her hips, to the floor. “Show me how you suffered and then use me to make it better.”

I have to breathe deeply and dig my nails into the palm of my hands to keep from grabbing Jessie immediately. But I adhere to her request and press my face to the peepholes instead, relaxing my hand enough to wrap it around my cock.

“My favorite time to watch you is after we’ve said goodnight. I’ve been hard for hours, hours, watching you giggle on the couch in your tight fucking yoga pants. Sometimes I spray your perfume on my left wrist and bite down on it while I beat off with my right.” I stroke myself now with rough jerks, grunting out loud as I’ve never been free to do while spying. “You wiggle around naked in your sheets trying to get comfortable and finally fall asleep. I think of what it would be like to sneak into your room and tease your mouth open with my cock…”

When Jessie gives me a seductive look and leaves the bathroom, reappearing in her bedroom a moment later, my groan rents the air.

I watch with escalating hunger as she lies down in her bed…and pretends to be asleep. Her hips are at an angle, back flat, eyes closed and I almost come at the implication of what she’s letting me do. At the permission she’s giving me.

It hurts to walk, I’m so aroused, but I tread slowly through the dark into her bedroom and skirt around to the opposite side of the bed. Her plump mouth catches the moonlight and precome beads on the head of my cock. Hardly able to believe what I’m doing in real life, not inside my head for once, I drag the wet tip of my dick along the seam of her mouth. She murmurs sleepily, but doesn’t open her eyes.

Heat inundates me at the sight of my spend resting on her lips and I can’t keep from kneeling on the bed, walking forward and pressing my cock closer to her mouth, like a secret offering. I gently tug down her chin with my thumb and slide just the head of my erection inside, resting it on her tongue. Ahhh fuck. My balls harden to stone and a ringing begins in my ears. I could come just like this, my dick dipping into her sleep-softened mouth, but with her body laid out in front of me, I know I’ve only begun to glimpse heaven.

Quietly as possible, I peel the panties down Jessie’s legs and lay down behind her, marveling over my hard cock being stroked this close to her naked ass. Imagining ropes of come sliding down the smooth cheeks and disappearing between them.

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