Maybe another time. Definitely another time. Right now, the need to breed is burning inside of me and I want my juice inside of her. I can’t stop myself from pushing her raised knee down on the bed, so she’s curled in the fetal position, leaving her pussy hole free for the taking. I lift her top ass cheek in one hand, guiding my cock to her entrance with the other, dipping the thick head inside and pulling it back out with a delicious little squelch, before sinking in as far as I can go. Ohhhh fuck yes.

I release a silent groan up at Jessie’s bedroom ceiling, carefully to keep my thrusts slow and measured so I don’t wake her.

Unfortunately, her pussy won’t stop getting wetter. It’s her fault I have to work my dick deeper and harder. She’s making me do this. The bed springs start to squeak and Jessie’s legs kick, her body starting to pull away from mine, telling me she’s awake. I do the only thing I can do. I roll her onto her stomach, pin her down and keep pumping. There’s no other option. My cock hurts to bad and she’s wet for it, isn’t she?

Part of me wonders if I’m getting too lost in the game we’re playing, but Jessie lets me know she’s playing it, too, when she gasps, “Ryan?”

“Lie still,” I grunt, reaching beneath Jessie to massage her breast. “Stop acting like you don’t want it.”

“I-I can’t believe you, Ryan.” She puts up the pretense of a fight, jerking and bucking underneath me. “Are you even wearing a condom?”

The wet slap of my cock entering her pussy answers that question. “Couldn’t wait long enough to put one on. Had to have this cunt now. Fuck, it was worth the wait.” With a final squeeze of her nipple, I release her breast and wedge my hand between her thighs, finding her clit with two fingers and fondling circles on top of it. “You love waking up to me riding you for broke, you little tease. Don’t you?”

Jessie whimpers and opens her thighs wider. “Ryan…”

The sound of my name in Jessie’s voice is like a fist around my heart. I forget all about the game then and align my body with this extraordinary woman who will become my wife, my mouth tracing up the side of her neck and burying in her hair. How the hell did I get this lucky? “I love you so much,” I rasp. “I’d love you up close. Or from afar. And my life would be fulfilled just for knowing you, Jessie.”

“From afar?” She tilts her head and smiles at me, her expression drowsily aroused. “And miss out on all the fun?”

My lips curl and I lean in, melding our mouths together with a kiss. “Did I mention I love you, princess?”

“I love you, too, Ryan,” she whimpers, before a climax wracks her body.

And I follow her soon after. I’ll follow her and love her forever.



Five years later

Look at me, I’m just a schoolgirl. Walking down the street. Minding my own business.

I stop in front of a bookstore and pretend to peruse the display of thrillers, but really I’m watching the reflection of the shadowy, male figure across the street. He melts into a doorway as if he was never there, but I know he is. I always feel my husband when he’s watching me.

Our son and daughter are home with the babysitter right now and without telling Ryan my plans for the evening, I’ve gone out for a walk. I never have to tell him my plans, he simply always knows. When we first got married, the depth of his obsession with me could often be shocking—the man could trace the lines on my palm with his eyes closed—and to this day, he still has the power to bowl me over with his devotion.

However, one might say his infatuation has even…deepened. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve found his face buried in my laundry, his groans low and frantic while his fist blurs up and down on his erection. I often feel a tingle on the back of my neck at work, only to find him staring at me through the front window, hunger etched into his handsome features. My name has been tattooed on his torso so many times, the inked words have started to overlap. Maybe we’re both a little crazy, because I love it. I wouldn’t change a thing about how he thinks, acts or chooses to love me.

I start walking again, taking a casual left toward the police station where Ryan spends his working hours, now as a lieutenant. I’ll never forget how proud I was of him on the day of his promotion. Or how proud he was of me when I used the shoebox money to open my own hair salon, which is now thriving, thanks to my newfound confidence and willingness to take chances.

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