When I’m almost to the police station, I feel the presence looming behind me and turn with a gasp, my hand flying to my mouth. “Oh,” I say, sheepishly. Ryan stands a handful of feet away on the sidewalk in his uniform, his newly grown beard threaded through with just a hint of gray that makes me more than a hint horny. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there, officer.”

“Lieutenant,” my husband corrects me, his eyes hidden behind reflective sunglasses. But I know for a fact he’s taking in my short plaid skirt, high socks and white blouse. “Are you looking for something, princess? I’ve been following you for a little while.” He smiles, but there’s a hard edge of lust to it. “You seem kind of lost.”

“Yes,” I fold my hands at my lap. “I lost my kitten. I’ve been searching all day.”

“Aw, now that’s too bad.” He nods at the door of the police station. “Why don’t you come inside with me and we’ll make a report.”

I give him a bright smile. “Okay, Lieutenant.”

We’re definitely not supposed to be taking our fun to the police station, but I trust Ryan with my life, my well being. I trust him from earth to the moon, so I follow him inside and we immediately veer into an emergency staircase, instead of going through the busy main floor of the precinct. He gestures for me to precede him down a dark flight of stairs, and though I let him see my apprehension, I do as he asks.

Moments later, I find myself in what looks like an abandoned interrogation room.

Ryan flips the light switch, humming when no light turns on. “Uh-oh,” he says thickly. “We’ll have to have the bulb changed.”

I turn in a circle. “Where do I fill out the report?”

He’s stone still for a moment, his face obscured in the darkness of the room. Then he taps his temple. “I’ll remember all the information right here, princess. Why don’t you tell me what your kitten looks like?”

“Fluffy.” The lieutenant moves behind me and there’s a ticklish clench between my legs. “Um…orange. His name is Marmalade.”

“Isn’t that cute?” His breath fans the side of my neck. “You’re cute, too, princess. Real cute.”

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“I’ve always wanted a kitten of my own.”


“Yes.” His fingertips slowly travel up my right thigh, beneath my skirt, taking rough hold of my pussy and I suck in a breath. “How about we call this one mine?”

“I-I don’t know,” I stutter.

His hold tightens. “Don’t you want me to find Marmalade for you, princess?”

My God, I’m so wet I can barely see straight. Every time I think we’ve had the best sex of our lives, we take this facet of our relationship to another level and I grow even more deeply in lust and love with my husband. Without unconditional trust, we couldn’t be this way with each other, letting our fantasies unfold. But we do. So we can.

“Yes, Lieutenant,” I say fretfully.

“Good girl.” He lets go of my clenching flesh and steps away, falling into the only folding chair in the room. He crooks a finger at me. “Come here and I’ll show you what’s going to help bring your kitten home.”

I approach him slowly, but he snags me around the waist, yanking me forward until I’m straddling him, my feet dangling behind the chair. His thick shaft prods my panties and I squirm against it experimentally, gasping when it twitches and grows.

“Yeah,” he growls, leaning back and stacking his hands behind his head. “Just like that, princess. Ride it like a pony.”

Biting down on my lower lip, I steady myself with his shoulders and grind my mound up and back on his long, hard ridge, whimpering when it makes me tingle low in my belly. “Please find my kitten, Lieutenant?” I pump my hips faster. “Please?”

I continue like this for about a minute when my femininity begins to clench and I cry out, humping the lieutenant so hard, the chair creaks beneath him. His eyes flash in the darkness, his hands finding my butt cheeks beneath my skirt and urging me on. “I could hear that little kitty between your legs purring while you walked through the park, while you danced around with your friends. From across the street. All day, while I watched. It wanted to play, didn’t it?”


My orgasm plows through my senses and leaves me trembling out of control, my thighs turning to a vise around Ryan’s waist, heat raining out of me and pooling in my panties. And then comes my favorite part. My husband can never withstand the sight of me climaxing without finding his own peak and this time is no exception. His teeth clench, his body tensing. His growled curse hangs in the air as wetness spreads on the fly of his pants, his fingers biting into my backside. “FUCK. Jessie, fuck. Jessie.” He lumbers to his feet and bounces me a few times on his erection, before falling back into the chair and wrapping his arms around me, holding me like he’ll never let me go. “Christ, wife.”

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