Yeah, I love her. Compulsively. At the time, it was almost more than my thirteen-year-old heart could stand. So while her parents were being cuffed in the front yard, I’d climbed in through her bedroom window and found her sobbing brokenly on the floor.

I learned a hard but valuable lesson that night when I tried to comfort the love of my life. After I witnessed Jessie in an authentically weak moment—not just pretend crying over losing a foot race—it took me a year to coax her into speaking to me again. Rule number one of dealing with my best friend, don’t expose her weaknesses or she’ll drop a motherfucker like a bad habit.

Yes, I might have learned a hard lesson that long-ago evening, but it was also the night I vowed to myself to protect Jessie forever. Always. No matter what.

It’s why I became a police officer, then a detective.

It’s why I rented this apartment and made it the most secure living space in all of Philadelphia, before “casually” suggesting she move in with me. Where I could keep an eye on her. A very, very close eye.

So close, my skittish friend would probably be terrified if she found out.

Everything about me, down to my clothing and glasses, is designed to make me non-threatening, but I’m the furthest thing from it underneath the layers. I’m a lethal weapon with the sole purpose of making sure Jessie never has to sob on the floor another day in her life.

Jessie is beautiful, complicated, terrified of commitment and secretive—

And I’ll worship her until the day I die.

I reach down and unzip my pants now, groaning as my cock pushes free and smacks off my stomach. In my other hand, I’m still holding the fork I just took a huge risk by sliding into Jessie’s angelic mouth. Laying my dick out on the table, I gently stroke the smooth underside of the fork up and down my length, turned on to a fever pitch just knowing her saliva is now on me.

“Fuuuuck,” I grit out. “Good little princess. Get your spit all over that cock. Make it easier to take.”

I’m depraved. Jesus, I know I am. But I’ve been obsessed beyond recognition with this girl for thirteen years and I’ve never even laid a finger on her, afraid she’d sprint in the other direction where I’d be cut off completely. My urges have never been satisfied and they’ve taken a darker turn. Darker and darker, the longer I go without her taste.

Knowing it’s going to take a lot more than a fork to satisfy me, I send it clattering onto the table and drop to my knees. I walk forward until I’m kneeling in front of her chair and I press my nose to the middle of the seat, right in the spot where her pussy pressed down. I suck in her lilies and sugar scent greedily, sliding my nose to where her tight asshole touched.

God yeah. Smells so good, all fresh and feminine and mine.

This is as close to Valentine’s Day sex as I’ll ever get, unless I can convince Jessie I’ll never hurt her and never, ever leave. Someday I will convince her. I have faith.

Now, I straighten long enough to spit on my hand and stroke the moisture all over my aching cock, before sliding it into my curled fist…no. No, it’s Jessie’s pussy now. She’s here with me, her legs spread open on the chair. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other at breakfast and now she’s going to be late for work because she’s a horny girl that needs her pussy eaten.

This is so bad, she whispers. You’re my best friend.

“This will only make it better, Jessie,” I push through clenched teeth, burying my nose in the seat once again and inhaling deeply. “I’d die before letting anything come between us, don’t you know that?”

I had no idea you could lick me there, she moans. I feel all shaky.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this,” I growl, pumping my dick into my wet fist. Above me, her strawberry blonde hair is tangled around her pouty nipples, her red lips open and calling my name, tits shaking up and down. “Such a delicious little princess, aren’t you? You’ve been saving it for me. You’ve been saving this pussy for my private use.”

Yes, Ryan. I know it’s so bad, but I can’t help it. You protect me so well…

At that, my balls cinch up and I experience that telltale tightening low in my belly, down at the base of my spine. I’m going to come with my tongue in Jessie’s virgin pussy, like I’ve been dreaming about for over a decade. Ah, fuck, I’m going to come now—

The sound of a key sliding into the front door lock stops me cold.

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