Once again, here I am, lying to get employed. Skipping out of the state where I’ve been ordered to remain while on parole. I’m asking to be put away again, but I can’t help it. I don’t know how to be free. Normal.

Now Miles informs me he’d like to give me some more.

I can’t show him how badly I want those rules. How badly I need those restraints on my criminal nature. But I do need them. Especially if they’ll get me close to that sweet angel named Cassie. I already miss the sight of her in a way I never missed the outside world while in prison.

“Ground rules?” I echo Miles, trying to sound casual.

“That’s right.” His fast stride eats up the distance to the bunkhouses ahead and I follow. “You’ve met Cassie. You know she’s…”


“Yes.” Miles closes his eyes briefly. “A gift from God himself.”

When he doesn’t continue, I ask a question that’s been needling me. “You’ve been wanting each other. How have you resisted her all this time?”

“She wasn’t legal until yesterday.” He casts me a speculative glance. “I’m guessing that wouldn’t have stopped you?”

“Not sure anything could,” I confess, sweat forming on my upper lip just remembering the way her firm, round tits felt molding to my chest. “Maybe I’m not as honorable a man as you.”

“That’s why, if we do this, there will be rules.”

Again, I experience a neat little zip of anticipation. “What are they?”

We reach one of the bunkhouses, stopping at the base of the porch. Miles lays his arm on one of the posts, remaining silent for a few beats before he exhales. “Listen well, Sam. Every time you touch her, it will be under my supervision. Every time. I decide how she’s fucked. I decide how fast and slow we go. How rough or gentle. Whose turn it is. If she needs a rest. If I want to keep her panties on and play with her or make her ride you in cowboy boots and pigtails, that’s my call.”

To say I’m shocked would be an understatement.

“Damn, Miles. You’re kinkier than you look.” I reach down and adjust myself, a laugh puffing from my mouth. “Christ. That just made me hard.”

“Congratulations,” he drawls, his eyes narrowed toward the horizon. “Cassie was right when she said I control her life. I’m not sure she knows how much deeper that control is going to run when I take her to bed.”

I grind my back teeth. “When we take her to bed.”

He grinds his jaw a moment. “You going to abide by the rules?”

My balls cinch up. Rules. I need them. “Yes.”

Miles pushes off the post and strides away. “Meet next door at my place tonight. Midnight.” His stride slows and he curses vilely. “Her daddy should be asleep by then.”



No matter how hard I try, I can’t calm my racing heart.

I tried a detour to the stables, hoping the horses would ease my nerves. I ate some chocolate. I did jumping jacks. Yet here I am, almost to Miles’s bunkhouse and I’m surprised my pounding pulse hasn’t woken up the whole farm.

This is happening.

I’m going to meet Sam and Miles.

They’re going to make love to me.

Earlier today, I had so much courage. Part of me still can’t believe I challenged these two men to overcome their differences and give me the fantasy I never knew I needed. I barely recognized myself in the pasture—but it felt good.

It felt right.

This feels right, but I’m also a little worried I’ve gotten myself in over my head. Losing my virginity would be scary with one powerful, experienced man.

I’ve gone and wrangled two of them.

Miles won’t let anything happen to me. I keep reminding myself of that solid, undeniable fact. Miles would burn the world to ash before he let harm come to me. And Sam. Sam I’ve only known less than twelve hours, but there’s faith inside me that one day, my trust in him will match the excitement he stirs in my tummy.

I take one last glance back toward the main house to make sure all the lights are out, then I ascend the steps to Miles’s bunkhouse, knocking softly on the door.

My nipples turn to hard buds remembering the way Miles let me know we were on for tonight. Just as the sun was setting in the sky, Miles approached me in the stables. He came up behind me, his hand circling my throat, covering the choker I still haven’t taken off. “Midnight,” he said, squeezing.

With that, he walked away.

Heck if I didn’t almost have an orgasm, right then and there.

As it was, it took me a good five minutes to pick my wits up off the ground and return to the house. To take a bath, put on my softest nightshirt and wait.

Miles opens the door wrapped in a hungry demeanor he’s never fully shown me—and it’s so potent and promissory that I know for certain, the wait is over. A tremor snakes through his jawline and he steps aside, revealing the interior of his bunkhouse, doused in the glow of lamplight.

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