“Okay,” I whisper, easing my thighs open a little and inching forward on denim-covered muscle while Sam groans, as if I’m hurting him. “L-like this?”

“Yes. That’s far enough.”

Sam leans in, breathing hard, stopping a mere inch from my mouth. “Let me taste her. I need to fucking taste her.”

A beat passes. “Kiss.”

Sam’s shaking fingers tunnel in my hair, his mouth preying almost violently on mine. At the first twist of our lips on top of each other, he chokes out a sound and opens his eyes. I open mine at the same time and we’re both visibly stunned by the current that sizzles through us. It’s similar to the one I felt kissing Miles last night, but this one is more restless and erratic, as opposed to consuming and drugging.

His tongue works into my mouth and presses deep, dragging in and out, his hands wild in my hair, keeping me close. Beneath me, his body shifts impatiently, like a line inside of him is getting ready to snap. There’s a yen, deep in my being, begging me to soothe the frayed edges inside Sam, and I do, I can’t help it. I take the sides of his bristly face in my hands and give him my tongue, moaning when he sucks on it. When he growls against my lips, “Christ, what is that taste?” He searches my face. “What is it?”

“Heaven,” Miles rasps. I hear a hollow sound behind me and sense Miles has gone down on his knees. My theory is confirmed when his chest presses to my back. “Sam, keep control of yourself. I’m going to show you her tits.”

Looking down, I watch Miles’s hands gather the hem of my nightshirt, tugging it up and over my head. When my breasts are revealed, Sam’s eyes widen and he lunges forward, but Miles puts a hand out to catch his shoulder, stopping Sam from putting his mouth on me.

“I said, control yourself,” Miles says in a hard voice.

“How can I?” He licks his lips. “They’re so fucking smooth and sweet.”

“Yes, they are. Proof God sent her to tempt us.” Miles kisses my bare shoulder, his hands lifting to cup and squeeze my breasts from behind. “Ah, Jesus. Feel how supple they are.”

Sam extends a hand toward my chest, his Adam’s apple moving up and down as his fingertips graze one of my nipples, a shot of sensation straight to my core making me gasp and toss my head back on Miles’s shoulder. “Please, I need to suck them,” Sam whispers thickly.

Both of Miles hands are on my breasts now, rubbing them in gentle circles, swamping me in heat. Sam’s mouth hovers inches away from the puckered tips, waiting, panting. Finally, Miles lifts them higher, offering them to Sam. “Go easy. Treat them like the treasures they are.”

Sam swallows audibly and nods. I can’t help but arch my back the closer he gets, his hot breaths feathering my nipples and making them harder. I’m whimpering by the time he touches the tip of his tongue to my right nipple, a shudder going through him. And then he takes the puckered peak fully into his mouth and worries it between the roof of his mouth and the flat of his tongue.

Lust crashes through me, scalding and thick. It almost hurts to look down and see Miles holding my breasts while Sam feasts on them, because the picture it makes is so erotic. Oh, and the sounds Sam makes, groaning brokenly, his tongue lapping at me, suckling, his face contorting with pain every so often. Am I doing that to him?

“Fuck,” Sam says in a rush, pulling back. “She’s going to make me come, whining and pushing them at me like that.”

Is that what I’m doing?


I can’t help it.

Sam’s mouth, Miles’s hands…I’ve been missing them all along.

More more more.

Miles’s right hand lets go of my breast and trails down my stomach, cupping my womanhood, and I cry out, my body convulsing wildly between the two men. “Miles!” I sob. “S-Sam.”

“Goddamn,” Miles breathes in my ear. “Her panties are dripping wet. I reckoned a virgin wouldn’t be able to handle us fucking her too soon. But look at her…”

“Oh, I’m looking.” Sam licks his lips. “You dick-starved, baby?”

“Certainly seems that way,” Miles responds. “She’s a horny little thing. Still, I’m not taking any chances.”

I rest my head back on Miles’s shoulder and look him in the eye, his face a mask of pure starvation. “It’s not taking chances if it’s you two.”

Miles lowers his mouth to mine, flickering his tongue into my mouth, teasing my tongue until I’m kissing him back in desperation, my hips writhing on Sam’s knees while he fondles my breasts.

Miles breaks contact with a grunt. “We already know Cassie is special. But I’m starting to think there’s something special about her pussy. It’s primed for what it doesn’t understand. She might not be overwhelmed if we fuck her tonight.” Miles’s middle finger traces the slit of my sex through my panties and an orgasm wells up in my belly, painful, ready to pop. “I think it’s the intensity of her own pleasure that might overwhelm her. Won’t it, Cassie?”

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