“I don’t know,” I manage, biting my tongue so I won’t beg him to put that big, manly finger inside me. What would it feel like? And what does Miles mean when he says I could be overwhelmed by pleasure? I’ve been touching myself since I went through puberty and my orgasms have always been immediate and satisfying. Although I’ve never had this buildup of pressure before. Not even close. It’s taken hold of my bones and made me a slave to sensation. Is he right? Is my body somehow…unique?

Sam’s tongue licks a path between my breasts and up the center of my throat, snapping at my chin with his teeth. “If we’re not fucking her, what are we going to do with her?”

Miles snaps the waistband of my panties, making me gasp. “Tonight? She’s getting her pretty pussy eaten.”

“Yes,” Sam breathes, leaning back, putting the juncture of my thighs under his hot regard. “Who gets the first taste?”

A beat passes. “God knows I’d kill for that first lick, but I’m hell bent on popping that cherry when the time comes.” Miles drags his open mouth across my shoulder. “Wouldn’t be fair to claim both honors, so it’s your lucky night, Sam. Get on your back.”

My blood is lethargic and charged all at once, fire racing over my skin. This is happening. Sam is going to put his mouth on me…there. He’s already lying down on the couch, his shirtless, inked chest heaving, his hands clenching at the couch cushions in anticipation. “But, Miles. Sh-shouldn’t I get on my back for that?”

“Remember to trust me, little girl.”

I nod slowly, standing only long enough for Miles to work the panties down my legs—leaving me flushed and naked. By the time I climb back onto the couch, walking on my knees to kneel over Sam’s mouth, his muscled body is covered in a fine sheen of sweat and he can’t seem to stop pulling and squeezing the erection, which lies trapped in his jeans. “Son of a bitch. That pussy is so tiny and juicy. I can’t believe I get to lick it.” He rubs vigorously at his bulge, the veins standing out on his neck. “Fuck. Don’t come. Don’t come.”

Miles’s hands mold to my bottom, working the flesh roughly and helping to position me over Sam’s face. “It wouldn’t be the first time she made a man in this room come in his pants. Just by existing.” His hands guide me down, down, until Sam’s lips meet my sex, pushing the folds apart for his tongue. “There’s no help for it. But you better make damn sure she creams, too.”

Sam’s tongue slides through the split of my femininity, traveling over the hole that’s never been breached. A fire lights in my tummy and I fall forward over the arm of the couch, gasping for air. Oh. Oh my. I never suspected anything could feel so decadent. It’s a friction unlike anything else. Certainly better than my own fingers or my pillow.

“How’s that pussy taste?” Miles asks.

Sam moans hoarsely in response, his tongue moving, moving—and then I see stars. His stiff upper lip brushes my clit, his tongue snaking out and agitating it. “Oh my God.” My body seems to move on its own, thighs widening, climbing closer and circling my sex on Sam’s giving mouth. Pumping my hips against it. Am I being inappropriate? I don’t know what I’m doing. I just know it feels so good and if he stops I’m going to scream. “Sam, Miles, Sam, Miles,” I chant in time with my grinds, my eyes blind.

“Goddamn, look at her wiggling that pussy all over your fucking mouth. We’ve found ourselves a little hot to fuck virgin.” Vaguely, I hear the sound of a zipper coming down behind me and Miles says, “I need to get in on this.”

I have no experience, but not in a million years could I gave guessed the next thing I would feel is Miles’s tongue between the cheeks of my backside. He swipes his tongue through that shallow valley with a grunt, spits on it, jiggles my cheeks in his big hands, and then his tongue starts to slide around the—apparently sensitive—rim of my back entrance.

My head is going to explode.

My last coherent thought is, Miles was right and Miles is always right when it comes to me. Because I can barely handle this dual pleasure. Sam bathes my clit with fast strokes of his tongue, while Miles feasts on a place I never knew could deliver a punch of pleasure. My hips are pistoning and I can’t seem to make them slow down or stop and my clit, oh my God, it’s swelling so quickly, it hurts. It’s glorious—

“Oh. Oh! Yes!” My cries echo around the room, an eruption of bliss taking place deep, deep in my loins. Deeper than ever before. “Sam. Miles!”

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