There’s a guttural sound from Miles and then I feel hot, heavy drops landing on my bottom, the sound of a wet chafing filling the room. Sam still licks at me with desperate groans, his hands on my butt cheeks now, even though they’re covered in what I think is Miles’s spend, yanking me forward so he can continue to tongue me. And when he shouts an epithet against my clit, I sense he’s found his pleasure somehow, too, the vibration of his bellow hitting me, shaking me anew.

A second orgasm wells up and pummels me, catching me off-guard, and I scream, grinding my flesh down on Sam’s mouth, trying to explore every corner of the immeasurable pleasure. Miles’s lips move on my neck, soothing me with words and telling me I’m beautiful and suddenly, I go boneless, dropping like a stone from the clouds, all the way to the ground.

The last thing I remember is both men standing above me, staring down at my replete body in wonder.

“How can she be real?” Sam asks, raking a hand through his hair.

Miles starts to pace behind him, his jaw flexing. “I don’t know. Maybe she’s a goddamn angel like I’ve suspected all along.”

“She certainty tastes like one,” Sam rasps. “Fuck, the way she moved…”

Miles stops beside Sam and brushes a strand of hair out of my face. “I know one thing. I was a fool to try and fight this.” His fingertips trace the curve of my lips and I can’t help nuzzling his palm. “Cassie. My soul.”

“Our soul,” Sam says quietly.

Miles nods slowly.

Their quiet show of solidarity soothes me and I give in to sleep, knowing the men to whom I’ve given my heart will keep me safe.

But I know nothing of the adventure ahead…



I’ve just crested the hill on the back of my horse, heading back to the stables after my morning ride, when I see Cassie. She’s just left her house and is skipping down to meet me, as usual, so I can saddle her favorite mare and send her off on a ride. I usually wait and we take the outing together, but I needed to work off some of this excess lust before I saw her this morning.


After last night, she must have an idea of the sensual power she wields. Normally, she would wear jeans and a tank top around the farm, maybe a girly dress on occasion, but today’s she’s wearing tight, frayed jean shorts that don’t even cover her ass cheeks. And a low, V-neck T-shirt tied up underneath her tits.

The lust I tried to work off during my ride comes roaring back now, hardening my dick, and I’m not sure I can wait a full day to be inside her. It’s an impossible feat now that I know what she can do.

Every time I blink, I see her tight ass riding Sam’s mouth unabashedly, her lithe thighs flexing, that blonde hair cascading down her back. I hear nothing but her throaty little whimpers when I licked her asshole. How much she loved it. How much she loved everything we did to her, how hard she came—and it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Cassie is going to fuck like a dream.

I need to get inside her so bad, I know I shouldn’t go into the stables. If she flashes those big blue eyes at me, I’m going to take her on hands and knees in the dirt, right there in plain view of her daddy’s house.

Sam would probably put a knife in my back over it. I wouldn’t blame him, either. My feelings for Cassie were already rock solid, but they’ve grown into something fiercer, more consuming, and I’m starting to believe Sam’s affection for her is genuine, too. How could anyone not fall for Cassie? So yeah, I have no doubt he wants Cassie body and soul, same as me, but that doesn’t mean I trust him.

Not yet.

Before I left for my ride this morning, I made a call to the sheriff’s office with an inquiry, just to be cautious. I’m waiting to hear back from him now. It’s not every day a man shows up out of thin air from Boston, wanting to work on a farm. I’ve been keeping Cassie safe from day one and I’m not going to stop now.

Even if last night, this thing between the three of us…felt real.

Felt like breathing.

I consider circling back around and taking another ride, so I won’t do something regrettable with Cassie in the stables, but I can’t resist her pull. I dismount my horse at the entrance and walk him into the haze, the sound of soft whinnies greeting my ears. Automatically, my gaze seeks her out, but it lands on someone else first.

It’s Mooney, one of the horse trainers.

He’s staring over the side of the horse stall where I keep Cassie’s mare, one hand down his pants, jerking himself off furiously. Rage fires off like a rocket inside me and I lunge farther into the stable, my vision turning red.

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