“Hey,” I bark. “What the fuck are you doing?”

The closer I get to the scene, I see Cassie is innocently feeding her mare a carrot while this pervert masturbates to the sight of her.

Without waiting for an answer, I grab the trainer by the front of his shirt and cold cock him, sending a spray of blood shooting from his nose. He stumbles back with a cry and falls to the dirt floor with his penis flopping out.

“Get up and get the fuck out. Don’t ever come back here.”

“You can’t fire me.”

I unbuckle my belt and whip it off, slapping the length of leather against the ground, kicking up dust. “I guess I could kill you instead.”

Mooney scrambles to his feet, zipping himself up with trembling hands, and runs from the barn. Anger still courses through my veins, but my worry for Cassie trumps all, especially when I turn and find her pale-faced, just outside the stall.

“What was he doing?” she whispers.

It hits me in that moment that this is my fault. If I’d been waiting there for Cassie, like I do every morning, Mooney would have known better than to even look at my girl. “What do you think he was doing?” My voice is harsher than intended, but I can’t help it. The whole situation could have ended up so much worse. She could have been hurt. I start forward, backing Cassie into the stall, not stopping until her back hits the wooden divider. “Don’t you know you’re dressed like a fucking wet dream? No. You are a wet dream, little girl. And you need to understand the effect you have on men.”

“Why are you yelling at her?” Sam grits out, walking into the stall, splitting a questioning look between the two of us.

“I came in here and found the horse trainer watching Cassie.” My lip curls in disgust. “He was touching himself.”

Cassie turns pink.

Sam curses, then seems to notice Cassie’s attire for the first time. “Well I think I’m up to speed on why Miles was yelling at you,” he says drily, fingering the frayed edge of her jean shorts. “Baby, you can make a man come in his pants from a block away. How about covering up some of this smooth, young skin before we lose our goddamn minds?”

She shifts in her cowboy boots. “I thought you’d both like it.”

Sam tilts his hips up, drawing Cassie’s wide blue eyes to his erection. “That look like I don’t like you wearing a tight T-shirt and no bra, baby?”

I grip my own hard cock. “We do. We like it too much,” I mutter, dipping my mouth to her cheek to kiss her delicious blush. “Problem is, so does everyone else.”

“And that doesn’t make us happy.” An unholy glint shines in Sam’s eyes. “It makes us want to kill.”

“Oh,” she whispers, unevenly. “I didn’t realize.”

I take Cassie’s wrist and tug her off the wall and up against my chest. “Now that you do, how about you kiss us good morning?”

Her eyelashes flutter. “Right here?”

She’s right to be nervous. There’s every chance her father could walk in and see us, but even the threat of being caught can’t quell my urgency to touch Cassie. Her fresh morning scent, her earnest expression, the goodness radiating from her robs me of common sense. “Yes. Right here.”

Seeming hypnotized by my mouth, Cassie goes up on her toes and I drag her up the remaining distance, securing my forearm beneath her buttocks. She wraps her arms around my neck trustingly, her legs circling my hips. “Mmmm.” I bounce her several times on my cock, my balls filling with weight at the sight of her shaking tits. “That’s a good girl. You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miles,” she hiccups.

Sam is standing behind Cassie, his eyes glued to her ass, and I nod at the man, telling him without words to come closer. It’s not so much that I need him close, it’s that I know Cassie needs it. That makes it my priority.

She turns pliant as soon as Sam’s front presses to her back, her ass notching into his lap, her eyelids drooping. As if a switch has been flipped and suddenly everything is right in her world. I love giving that to her, even if this is new, unexplored terrain for me and I’m a man set in his ways. If this doesn’t prove I would give anything to see her happy, nothing will. And there might be a part of me I don’t understand yet that gets satisfaction from watching the gold in Sam’s eyes sharpen, his appreciation of this beautiful creature matching mine. We’ve stumbled upon the earth’s most incredible secret together and it’s hard to ignore the growing bond that has created between us.

As if we share a mind, Sam gathers Cassie’s blonde hair back, just as I move in for a kiss, parting her sweet lips with mine, basking in the way her inexperience leaves her without pretense. She’s sweet and eager like nothing else, her breath catching every time our tongues stroke together, every time I roll my hips forward, treating her pussy to some friction and grinding her ass into Sam’s lap at the same time—

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