“Like I said, we’ve had a good season…”

All three of us go deathly still at the sound of her father’s voice in the stables. Footsteps pass by the stall on the far side, avoiding the entrance where we would definitely be seen. A long silence passes, followed by her father’s laughter. He must be on the phone. Guilt is alive and kicking inside me, but there’s not enough of it to put Cassie down. I’m not sure anything could make me set her down and walk away.

I meet Sam’s eyes over her shoulder and he seems to be having the same thought. She’s chosen us and she’s ours. Period.

“Sure, come on down to the farm and I’ll bring you out into the field…” comes my employer’s voice, on the other side of the partition. “Any time.”

“Give Sam his turn,” I whisper to Cassie, nudging her forehead with mine.

Her blue eyes widen a little, but there’s excitement there, too. Maybe even some relief that we’ve laid claim to her, even over her father. That proof of our three-way commitment sends a pulse of energy through us and Cassie is panting by the time she tips her face back, giving Sam her mouth, while I dry hump her from the front. The phone conversation continues out in the stable, a man oblivious to the fact that two men are making a meal of his daughter in one of the stalls.

Cassie breaks from Sam’s kiss and launches back at me, our mouths wild, while Sam bites and licks her neck. If we don’t stop, we’re going to take her virginity in broad daylight with her father less than twenty yards away. I’m supposed to be the one in control here, but her needy, little whimpers are driving me insane. Sam’s hips pump eagerly against her bottom, creating friction between her pussy and my prick, and I recognize we’re at the point of no return.

I need her first time to be special, though.

Away from this place where distractions lie.

Where it can just be us.

“Tonight,” I say, tearing my mouth away from hers with an effort. “Tonight, Cassie. Be ready to leave.”

Her beautiful eyes are dazed. “Where are we going?”




It’s cute as hell watching Cassie play house.

Miles and I watch from our leans against our bedrolls as Cassie flits around the fire we built, collecting sticks to roast marshmallows. If she’s aware that two men are sitting here, ready to fuck, she’s not showing it. In fact, she seems kind of determined to make us take our time.

Yeah, there is definitely more than one tent pitched at this campsite.

“Almost ready for s’mores,” she says, clasping her hands beneath her chin. “You don’t have any food allergies, do you, Sam?”

“I’m all good, baby.”

She smiles at us and bounds off to get something else out of her overnight bag. I watch her go with my heart in my throat. When was the last time anyone cared enough to ask me about my preferences? Or what I can and can’t eat?

Hell, I can’t remember. Might be never.

Cassie…and yeah, even Miles, make me feel like I belong.

Like I was meant to land on these exact coordinates and find them, this girl I’m fucking wild about. This man who is starting to let go of his distrust of a stranger in order to make the girl happy. Yeah, when there is a motivation as strong as making an angel smile, I guess a man can do just about anything.

We met at midnight and rode up into the mountains, leaving the farm behind. It was a quiet journey, both Miles and I on alert for predators, his shotgun resting on his thigh, mine still strapped to my ankle. Hidden.

Like the rest of me.

There it is. The reminder that these two people shouldn’t trust me. Miles should have fired that shotgun and hit me between the eyes yesterday before letting me lay a finger on Cassie. A part of me almost wants to come clean, but I don’t know what I’d do without her. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I’m not sexually attracted to Miles, but I need the order, the organization, the rules that come part and parcel with him. Last night on the couch, I could feel the chaos riling up inside me as soon as Cassie sat on my lap. The biting and scratching of the demons that live under my surface, urging me to throw her down and lose myself. But focusing on Miles’s steady commands kept me present with Cassie and thank God, because it was the most incredible experience of my life.

I close my eyes now, listening to the snap and pop of the fire, my mind drifting back to the way Cassie’s smooth cunt felt writhing on my mouth. How she rode me for broke with an instinct that made it obvious she’d burn us alive when we finally got our cocks inside of her sweet body. God, I’m aching for the chance. Living for it. Living for her.

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