There’s no other choice as both of the men—my men—converge on me.

Miles pulls me to my feet and wedges me in between him and Sam, their hands ripping at my clothing. Sam unzips my jean shorts and shoves them down my hips while Miles pulls the shirt over my head. I’m left in front of the campfire in nothing but some bikini panties and both men’s fingers twist in the waistband, impatient, their mouths moving in my hair.

“Let’s get her into the tent,” Miles says. “She’s ready.”

Sam rocks his denim bulge against my hip. “God knows I am.”

“Not yet,” Miles fists my hair and tugs my head back, so I’m looking up into his heated face. “You’re going to watch me break her in first.”

I have a brief pinch of worry that Sam is going to feel left out, but he only moans at the knowledge of what’s about to happen. How my virginity is going to be taken. By Miles.

Oh my God, Miles is going to take my virginity.

I’ve been dreaming about this so long, I almost feel like I’m in a dream as I’m dragged into the tent, each man holding one of my arms.

Miles lets me go and swipes a hand across his perspiring upper lip. “Lay her down on her back,” he growls, unfastening his jeans and jerking down the zipper. “Get her panties off, too. I’m not waiting anymore.”

Sam guides me to the unfurled sleeping bags and blankets I arranged earlier while the men saw to the horses. With a kiss of my shoulder, he helps me lie down, face up, my breasts quivering with every shallow breath. Sam takes off my panties with a long, low groan and starts to move away from me, but I catch his hand, holding it, keeping him close. “Stay,” I murmur.

Sam questions Miles with a look and he nods, his focus mainly on me. “Kneel behind Cassie. Put her head in your lap.”

Yes. This is what I need. Both of them involved in every aspect of our lovemaking. It’s so hard to explain, but when one of them is missing now, I don’t feel truly complete. I’m complete as possible with my head resting in Sam’s lap, his hands stroking my hair, Miles standing above me. Leaving his jeans undone, he unbuttons his flannel shirt and lets it fall to the tent floor, and that’s when I start to get restless, unable to keep my thighs still, because he’s so magnificent.

A man for the ages.

I’ve caught him bathing in the stream on our property once or twice, but only from a distance. The sinew of his arms and stomach, the power he packs, is twice as potent up close. Where Sam has a wild edge, Miles has experience written all over him and I crave both with every ounce of my womanhood.

Miles drops to his knees in front of me and reaches into his jeans, bringing out his shaft and I whimper, the flesh between my thighs throbbing at the sight. “M-Miles, it’s so h-huge.”

Is it my praise that makes white, milky liquid spurt from the tip and roll down Miles’s thick knuckles? “Christ. The longer I spend looking at her, the shorter I’m going to last.” He masturbates himself with a few fast strokes, his features tight. “Open her thighs for me, Sam. Put a finger in her pussy and make sure it’s wet.”

I can barely breathe around the excitement when Sam reaches for my knees and stretches them wider than before, the fingertips of his right hand trailing up the sensitive, inner skin toward my core. Slowly. “I can already see she’s fucking dripping,” Sam breathes, “But as long as I live, I’ll never turn down a chance to get part of me in this pretty, little cunt.”

Finally, Sam teases open the lips of my femininity, grazing my clit with the heel of his hand and making me cry out. Soothing me with a hum, he taps his middle finger against my entrance. Once, twice. An orgasm looms inside of me like a storm cloud already, merely because of how vulnerable I am to these men—and the assertion of trust that requires. It’s like we entered this tent and were transported to a higher plane of existence. A place where my body is at a constant, heightened state of arousal and one touch will set it off.

Sam eases a finger into my opening and my back arches, heels digging into the sleeping bag. “Goddamn, I can barely get in past my knuckle.” He spreads my wetness around, his breath heavy in my ear. “She’s slick and warm, though. Ready as she’ll ever be with a pussy this tight.”

“Good,” Miles says, leaning close and bringing our mouths together, positioning himself between my splayed thighs. “Listen closely. There will be no rubber for either of us, little girl. You wanted us both, didn’t you? Now you’ll have two obsessed men trying their damnedest to make you a young mother.”

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