“It’s too late to back out now, baby,” Sam rasps, his fingers twining in my hair, the pads massaging my scalp. “You’re ours.”

Keeping his eyes locked on mine, Miles breaches my entrance with the broad, smooth head of his sex and I brace, biting my lower lip. His jaw locks tight and he shoves forward, but only an inch or so of his shaft enters me. With a curse, he slides a hand under my buttocks and grips tight, keeping me in place for his next drive—and it’s a ferocious, grunting thing, sweat forming on his brow. Still, only one more inch wedges inside me. But the pressure starts to build. Oh, and it’s amazing. I’m sensitive everywhere and the new friction of my unexplored parts starts a cascade of incredible sensations inside me.

“Miles,” I whimper, wrapping my legs around his waist. “I’m going to come.”

“No, baby,” Sam whispers, kissing my forehead. “Can’t be.”

“Ain’t even halfway inside you yet,” Miles grunts, punching his hips forward. “Jesus. I have to get inside this sweet little thing.”

“I want you inside me,” I manage, pulses all over my body making me burn.

Miles struggles another moment, only managing to get another inch deeper, before sending Sam a sharp look. “Tease her nipples. That ought to wet her up nice.”

Sam is already cupping my breasts tenderly and massaging them before Miles finishes making the order. He holds them in greedy hands, twisting his palms over my nipples, right, left, right, then pinches them gently—and a rush of moisture teems through me. If Miles didn’t drop forward at that moment and pin me, I would have jackknifed at the pleasure already rattling my bones.

“Fuck,” Miles chokes out. “I’m in.”

Above me, Sam licks his lips eagerly, eyes rapt on the place where Miles’s body joins with mine. “What’s it feel like?”

Slowly, Miles lifts his head and locks gazes with Sam, his breathing ragged. “I don’t think she’s built like other women. Her pussy is squeezing me half to death, it’s such a tight goddamn thing. She should be screaming in pain.” He nods at me, affection and lust moving in his expression. “But look at her, one pump and she’s going to come. Girl’s already shaking like a leaf.”

“Miles!” I toss my head side to side, pleasure spearing through my limbs and clogging my lungs. “Sam! Please, please…I need…”

“Do it,” Sam says hoarsely. “Fuck her.”

“As if I could help it.” A shudder ripples through him. “Hold her tight.”

Sam crosses an arm over my chest, gripping me beneath the opposite arm. “Got her.”

After that, I’m lost. I don’t know which end is up or where I am anymore. Miles cinches his hips back and drives forward with a yell—and I shatter. My scream singes the sides of my throat on its way up and I thrash, unable to withstand the strength of my climax. It turns my blood to lava and blinds me, but I’d gladly exchange my sight for the intense contractions of my intimate muscles. I’m bearing down so hard, without conscious thought, that I can feel every ridge of Miles’s shaft as it enters me, I can feel every one of his chest hairs chafing my nipples. I’m alive. I’m alive and I’ve been living in the dark until now.

“God almighty, she just keeps coming,” Miles grits out, his face contorted with pleasure above mine. “She’s milking me too hard to keep going. Fuck. I have to give her this load—”

With a roar, Miles shoots his seed into me and another wave of ecstasy bombards my senses. My back is arched off the sleeping bag, tears rolling down my temples, my thighs straining and shaking around Miles’s waist.

It’s too good. I don’t ever want it to end.

I’m still in the middle of a climax, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve had, when Miles sits back and pulls me off Sam’s lap. He kisses my mouth, long and slow, forcing me to calm down. “Shhh, sweet girl. We’ve got you.” I concentrate on the thorough strokes of his tongue, the way he caresses my face, and by the time he turns me around to face Sam, I’m in a languid state of contentment. “Lay back on me now, Cassie. It’s Sam’s turn to experience you.”

My tired eyes lift to Sam. He regards me with such stark hunger, a bolt of energy rouses my senses and I start to whimper anew. More of the indescribable pleasure is coming my way and my body craves it, even though it’s already been through so much. I want more. I want the thick root of flesh Sam unsheathes from his pants, jerking roughly in his tattooed hand.

“Can you wrap those sweet legs around my hips as tightly as you wrapped them around his? I got a fucking pounding to give you, baby.”

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