A sob catches in my throat and I nod, opening myself to him.

With a curse, he falls forward on his hands and knees, crawling over me and taking hold of his erection once again. He trails his tongue from my belly, all the way to my mouth and nips at my bottom lip, his hardness tucking into me, his hips bucking forward as Miles kisses my forehead tenderly, telling me everything will be all right and they’ll take care of me, the perfect contrast to the rough invasion of my body. Sam’s inches sink in deep, his entrance aided by the spend Miles left inside me, but he remains unmoving, the muscles flexing in his shoulders.

“Fuck,” Sam grits out into my neck. “You were right. So snug I can barely keep from busting.” He rears back with a moan and plows inside me to the hilt once more, a wave of ticklish pleasure rolling my eyes back in my head. Oh my God. I’m coming again. If he so much as grazes my clit, I’m going to soar. “We’re going to have to keep her under lock and key, Miles. Anyone finds out what she’s got between her legs, they’ll try to take her.”

“Yes.” Miles reaches down and massages my clit with the pad of his middle finger and my thighs thrash around Sam’s hips, another orgasm beginning to twist up my insides. “I’d say men fight wars over pussy like this, but I’ll be damned if there’s ever been one like it.”

“And it’s all ours.”

Sam buries his face in my neck, allowing me to look down the length of his strong back, watching his flexing ass hump up and down as he takes me. His grunts are straight from an animal, his hands grasping at my knees to keep them hitched high around his sweating body.

“I’m hard again,” Miles groans into my hair. “Every time you pump, you grind her tight, young ass on my cock.”

Sam lifts his head, those golden eyes glowing with lust. “If her cunt is this tight, what do you think her ass is like?”

“I want it,” I whimper, barely aware of what I’m agreeing to. Only knowing they both need me now and I have a bone-deep desire to be everything to these men, the way they’re going to be everything to me. “I want you both.”

Miles’s chest thunders up and down under my back. He chants my name over and over while hefting me higher against his body and lying back, prone. Sam follows, still on top of me, his hips still moving with violent, desperate thrusts. And then I feel Miles’s manhood wedge between the cheeks of my backside, his fist raking the head of his arousal up and back over my hole.

“That feels good,” I cry, throwing my head back on his shoulder, remembering to keep my thighs nice and wide for Sam. “I-is it supposed to feel good?”

“Yes. Christ, feel how you squeeze me like a good girl, Cassie. You were made to take a cock in this ass.” Miles grits out, plugging me full inch by inch, a scream building in my throat at the oddly pleasing penetration. “This whole body of yours was made for cock. Our cocks.”

I’m so full.

My stomach is filling with a dizzying lack of gravity and the only thing keeping me on earth is the two, thick male parts that tunnel in and out of me, over and over again, their owners grinding deep, cursing my name, praising it. Begging, demanding, owning, losing themselves, the same way I lose myself to the pleasure.

Their syrupy heat pours into me simultaneously and I’m crushed between their seeking, pounding bodies, our sweat combining, our rusted voices joining together in a song of pleasure, lust, need.

And love.



There is nothing in this world like waking up with Cassie’s soft breath on my throat. I crack an eyelid and find her trapped in between me and Sam, naked as the day she was born, her blonde hair in disarray around her serene face. There’s a click inside of me. A positivity I never thought could exist for me.

This is where I’m supposed to be.

For so long, I convinced myself I could be content protecting Cassie and never laying a finger on her. That notion is laughable now. I never stood a chance.

Cassie murmurs something in her sleep and shifts closer to me, her belly rubbing against my dick, and I grit my teeth as it swells. Lord, this girl. I love her with my heart, my soul, my body. And the latter can’t stop wanting more. More of the miracle we’ve been blessed with between her legs. Now that I’ve experienced that uniquely hot clench, I’m going to spend every waking moment hard, just waiting for my chance to get inside her again. I’m not the only one, either.

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